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How To Wean More Piglets Using Baby’Start Piglet Booster

Baby’Start Piglet Booster is an oral paste that provides piglets energy, colostrum, probiotic, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, minerals, Lysine, Methionine.
To learn more about colostrum read below links:

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Stop Piglet Diarrhoea/Watery Stool With Robu’Start

RobuStart is a Piglet Booster that treats Piglet diarrhoea caused by bacteria like ecoli and enterococcus.
Apart from killing piglets diarrhoea is a silent profit stealer as the piglet loses weight while eating.
All feed eaten by the sow/mother is wasted if the piglets have watery stool.
Diarrhoea also damages the intestine of the piglets meaning they will never attain their true growth potential afterwards.
Robu’Start stops diarrhoea/watery stool, it also contains Lysine, Methionine which are responsible for rapid growths etc.
1 Robu’Start serves 50 piglets.
To use:
2ml per piglet, if the piglets are bigger/older you can give a double dose. You can repeat if necessary on the second day.
Robu’Start is a product of Cooperl/Farm’Apro the French livestock giant.
To Buy Robu’Start SMS or WhatsApp +2348034209301
Available in Nigeria, Cotonou, Lome and Ghana




RobuStart est un booster de porcelet qui traite la diarrhée du porcelet causée par des bactéries comme l’écoli et les entérocoques.

En plus de tuer les porcelets, la diarrhée est un voleur de profits silencieux, car le porcelet perd du poids en mangeant.

Tous les aliments consommés par la truie / mère sont gaspillés si les porcelets ont des selles liquides.

La diarrhée endommage également l’intestin des porcelets, ce qui signifie qu’ils n’atteindront jamais leur véritable potentiel de croissance par la suite.

Robu’Start arrête les selles diarrhéiques / aqueuses, il contient également de la lysine, de la méthionine qui sont responsables de la croissance rapide, etc.

1 Robu’Start sert 50 porcelets.


2 ml par porcelet, si les porcelets sont plus gros / plus vieux, vous pouvez donner une double dose. Vous pouvez répéter si nécessaire le deuxième jour.

Robu’Start est un produit de Cooperl / Farm’Apro, le géant français de l’élevage.

Acheter Robu’Start SMS ou WhatsApp +2348034209301

à vendre au Nigeria, Cotonou, Lomé et Ghana

Prevent Flies, Odour, Diarrhoea and Reduce Labour and Water Costs by Using Fermasec

Fermasec is a special antiseptic drying powder for pigs.
  • It prevents odour, flies
  • Fermasec can be used to heal wounds(castration, foot rot, flies, umbilical cord etc).
  • It disinfects the pens
  • prevents piglet diarrhoea

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Boost your Piglets and Weaners With Forcy’Start Piglet Booster

Forcy’Start is a growth promoting piglet booster that also prevents diarrhoea/watery stool due to bacteria from ecoli and clostridium.
Benefits of Using Forcy’Start

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Control Pig Fights and Bad Odour using Odo’calm

Odo’calm is an anti-aggression/No Fight liquid used to prevent pigs from fighting by spraying their pen.
Pigs usually fight when you merge them after weaning or when rooms are inadequate or due to other factors.
Fighting leads to:
  • Abortion
  • Greasy pig disease
  • poor growth rate
  • lame pigs
  • dead pigs
  • damaged carcass
  • infections
Odo’calm calms pigs and no fight happens.
Odo’calm is also able to mask the bad odour from the farm.
To use: mix 1 part of Odo’calm to 10 parts of water.
Available in 1litre and 5 litres.
SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 to Order

Global Mega Pig Producer Cooperl Arc Atlantique To Visit Nigeria

Global mega pig producer Cooperl Arc Atlantique and its swine nutrition subsidiary Farm’apro of France will pay a week training visit to Pig and poultry farms in Nigeria.
The trip is being organised by No1PigFan as part of our empowerment/ knowledge transfer program for farmers in Nigeria.
The Cooperl and Farm’apro team is scheduled to visit different farms Nigeria. Different exciting technology innovations will be introduced to farmers alongside international best practices by the visiting veterinary doctors.
The innovative products to be unveiled are selected to help Nigerian farms reduce production losses, maximise potentials of their breeding animals and ensure best environmental conditions around the farm.
If you want your farm to be a part of the historic visit you can contact:
WhatsApp: 08034209301

How To Wean More Piglets

A newborn pig is challenged in many different ways. It must stay warm, find food and fight off bacteria. These factors are also the reason why a piglet may not survive or the reason that it gets off to a bad start.
Envirogene dries the pig and reduces harmful pathogens, and for this reason, its use around farrowing is worth a thought.
The process of drying means that the pigs do not need to use their energy on staying warm. Instead, they can use all the energy gathered from the colostrum, to grow. This makes a lot of sense, especially for the smallest pigs.
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History Of Pork and Beef Processing In Nigeria

Interesting Video showing how advanced the Nigerian pork meat processing industry was several decades ago at Independence.

You also get to see a Pig Farm in Minna, Niger State owned by the Northern Region Government and UAC.

Can Niger State government today fund a Pig farm?

Enjoy the Video below and comment

Free range/Pasture Pig Farming…..low cost feeding, affordable housing, more profits

Pasturing/Foraging/Freerange  Pigs in the tropics holds a lot of untapped potential for Pig farmers especially in Nigeria.

The Pig is able to meet all it’s nutritional and housing requirements from the environment at a low cost.

You can be a part of this journey by joining our Pastured Pigs Training Program.

Call or WhatsApp 08034209301 for training schedule.

Enjoy pics and video below.


Pasture Farrowing









Pig Farming Training– A Hybrid System

Hello folks, As a fellow farmer, I have shared a lot of valuable information on this site based on my personal experience.

The truth about Pig Farming is you can’t wish away adequate training especially if you treasure your investment.
Over the years many people believed they could learn along the way but alas after exhausting their war-chest they quit.
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Pig Disease Alert In Nigeria: Classical Swine Fever

It’s been a season of boom for many Pig farmers across the Nigeria with unprecedented selling prices for all categories of Pigs.

Infact many pig farms are currently selling Breeder Pigs for 1000 Naira per kilogram liveweight, expanding their herd and constructing new pens.

Amidst this fantastic success stories danger lurks, No1pigfan has received updates on swine fever infection causing havoc in pig farms across Imo, Enugu, Benue and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria. Read more…

How to Sell Pigs Profitably in Nigeria

Here are some quick tips to help you sell Pigs profitably in Nigeria.

Always Sell Using A Digital Scale

Every time you sell using a manual scale you lose at least 4 kg per pig. In a tonne sold that’s a cumulative loss of 80 kg which is same value as giving away additional 2 pigs for free. Read more…

Digital Hanging/Crane Scale For Weighing Pigs For Sale




Excellent and accurate weighing device for measuring Live Pigs and Fishes as well as Feed.

Range is 0-300 KG

Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 to Order

Fresh Pork, Sausage, Roasted Pork for Sale In Lagos, Nigeria

No1PigFan is making the Goodness of Pork available for everyone in Nigeria.

Now we have for sale :


    All your Favourite cuts such as Ribs, Loins, Belly, Ham, Jowl, Head, trotters, offals etc





    We make a variety of delicious home-made traditional Sausages.

    you can also request specific spices and ingredients to customise your Sausages for you.





Fresh ground and spiced Pork.


    Delicious well spiced Burgers available




Whole pork roast for special occasions and parties available.

Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 to Buy. We deliver everywhere in Nigeria.

Record Breaking Female Pig Delivers 20 Piglets in Nigeria

Friends, today am a Happy Pig Farmer.

7 Days ago I got a fantastic surprise on my farm, an expectant Sow broke all records and Farrowed a Record Breaking 20 Piglets.

The Largewhite Sow comes from a superior lineage of Prolificity and excellent maternal care. Her previous farrowings produced 15 piglets each.

Over the years I have been able to establish in my Female Lines the following unique attributes:

  • Farrow without assistance. I have never ever had a piglet stuck in a Sow during farrowing.

  • Excellent weaning rate. 80% of farrowed piglets survive till weaning

  • High litter sizes. I get an average of 15 piglets from the second farrow.


The record breaking Sow is currently on a Lactation diet of Candies, Milk and PKC for the next 2 weeks after which she will be switched to a better ration to help her cope with the huge demand from the Piglets.

Video of the Litter

Pork Processing SME Training

No1Pigfan presents a Meat processing and Value Addition Program for Pig farmers and Pork enthusiasts.

The Program focuses on the Production of Food and Cosmetic Products using Pigs.
At the end of the training participants would be able to produce:
Read more…

Benefits of Using Premix In Pig Feed Formulations

Hello farmers, if you haven’t been using Premix with your Pig feed it probably explains the limited or poor performance you might be experiencing in the reproductive and growth rate of your pigs. Read more…

Proper Pig Feeding……. consequences of Poor Swine Feed Formulations In Nigeria

let’s review in details how poor feeding screws up the pig farm. Read more…

Tonnes of cheap Milk Feed for Sale

img_20170216_132425  img_20170216_132416

Hello friends, over the years powdered milk has always been a delightful growth booster for my pigs.

This year as usual am happy to share with everyone this amazing nutritious pig feed.

I still have some tonnes available but its running out fast so make your orders quick.


  • faster growth rate than corn and soya rations. Milk is completely digestible and within 30 days a 30 kg grower consuming milk feed will attain 60 kg.

  • simplifies feed regimen for pigs. You don’t need to compound any complex formulations as milk is a complete meal already.

    You can feed 50% milk and 50% fermented cassava peels and have excellent results.

  • Boosts Boar(Male) semen quality thereby increasing Sow(female) litter.

  • improves Sow ovulation.

  • reduces meat fat.

  • excellent as lactation and creep feed.

  • appetite booster with sweet taste.

  • develops and corrects musculoskeletal deficiencies in pigs.

  • no need for premix.

  • no need for Lysine.

  • contains antioxidants.

  • – Milk fed pork is rich, sweet, and tender.

How to Use

  • for Weaners 50-80% inclusion ratio is recommended.

  • for Growers between 30-60 kg I recommend 30-50 % inclusion.

  • for Finishers 70kg+…… it’s useful as an appetite booster enabling them consume and digest more quantities of fibre such as Shangi, Brewery waste, Sesame, Cassava peels or PKC…so u can use at 10-20% inclusion ratio

Call or WhatsApp 08034209301 to Order

Pigs for Sale In Nigeria

Hello farmers, I have available a variety of Largewhite, Hampshire, Landrace and PIC Pigs for sale.

  • Boars/male

    ranging 40–120kg in weight.

    Our Boars have high libido and nice temperament.


  • Gilts/about-tocross females

    ranging 50-60kg in weight.

    The Gilts come from an excellent lineage of high litter and weaning rates. They have been specially bred to farrow perfectly without assistance.


  • Weaners

    over 100 excellent hybrid weaners are available


  • Pregnant Gilts and Pregnant Sows


  • All our Pigs are free from genetic or pathogenic impairments.
  • All our pigs attain 120 kg in 6 months when raised under standard swine feeding and management practices.


Call or WhatsApp 08034209301 for more details

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