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Controlled Breeding Of Pigs In Nigeria For more Profits

Most Pig farmers in Nigeria breed without control and usually get caught up in a financial mess.

In most cases the farmer has insufficient rooms or feed for the pigs he has produced uncontrolled, hence he is forced to sell them at a loss.

Controlled breeding is a kind of family planning that ensures a farmer has complete control over the herd reproduction. It allows the farmer to decide the specific days to breed, farrow and sell.

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100 grower pigs wanted

A Farm in Ota, Ogun-state requires 100 male or female growers pigs for immediate purchase.

Price should consider volume of purchase.

If you can meet this order within the next week, call 08034209301 or email:

For Sale: 5 Gilts and 16 Grower Pigs

Urgently available for sale are 5 Pregnant Gilts and 16 Large White and Duroc Growers.

Farm Location is Ota, Ogun-state. call 08034209301 for more info

Supply needed urgently

wpid-IMG_20130723_192335.jpgA Client requires 30 about-to-cross (gilts) pigs supplied to him. The animals should weigh a minimum of 30kg each.

If you know you can deliver this, call me on 08034209301.

Using Poultry Litter/waste To Reduce Feed Costs In A Pig Farm In Nigeria

harvesting poultry litter

Here is a quick tip for the everyday pig farmer desirous of implementing different ways of reducing feed cost for his Pigs. Read more…

Drugs you should have for treating Pigs

I cannot do without having all these drugs on my farm, they are essential in a piggery

When you order our e-book you will learn about  more vital drugs that will help you grow your piggery by:

  • Keeping your Boar healthy and active.
  • Keeping Sows reproductive.
  • Eliminate Lameness.
  • eliminate Internal and External Parasites that affect growth.
  • Keeping your Piglets healthy and alive by reducing or eliminating mortality.
  • improving appetite of sick pigs.
  • treating open wounds in Pigs- this is a common occurrence due to fights.
  • reduce and eliminate inflammation in Boars and Sows
  • assist reproduction and milk production.

Order the e-book: Effective Piggery Management in Nigeria or

attend a 3-day Training program at our Facility, where you will learn how to diagnose and treat Pig diseases.

Cost of the e-book is 10,000 Naira only.

Bank Name: GTBank
Account Number: 0017129681

After Payment send an email to or SMS to 08034209301  stating:

  • Your Name
  • email address


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