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Disease Alert: Swine Fever

It’s been a season of boom for many Pig farmers across the nation with unprecedented selling prices for all categories of Pigs.

Infact many pig farms are currently selling Breeder Pigs for 1000 Naira per kilogram liveweight, expanding their herd and constructing new pens.

Amidst this fantastic success stories danger lurks, No1pigfan has received updates on swine fever infection causing havoc in pig farms across Imo, Enugu, Benue and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria. Read more…


How to Sell Pigs Profitably in Nigeria

Here are some quick tips to help you sell Pigs profitably in Nigeria.

Always Sell Using A Digital Scale

Every time you sell using a manual scale you lose at least 4 kg per pig. In a tonne sold that’s a cumulative loss of 80 kg which is same value as giving away additional 2 pigs for free. Read more…

Digital Hanging/Crane Scale For Sale




Excellent and accurate weighing device for measuring Live Pigs and Fishes as well as Feed.

Range is 0-300 KG

Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 to Order

Fresh Pork, Sausage, Bacon, Roasts for Sale

No1PigFan is making the Goodness of Pork available for everyone in Nigeria.

Now we have for sale :


    All your Favourite cuts such as Ribs, Loins, Belly, Ham, Jowl, Head, trotters, offals etc





    We make a variety of delicious home-made traditional Sausages.

    you can also request specific spices and ingredients to customise your Sausages for you.





Fresh ground and spiced Pork.


    Delicious well spiced Burgers available


    We make available healthy and tasty Bacon on request




Whole pork roast for special occasions and parties available.

Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 to Buy. We deliver Nationwide.

Pork Processing SME Training

No1Pigfan presents a Value Addition Program for Pig farmers and Pork enthusiasts.

The Program focuses on the Production of Food and Cosmetic Products using Pigs.
At the end of the training participants would be able to produce:
Read more…

Pig Liveweight Price Updates


Inflation and high feed prices continue to put pressure on Pig production in Nigeria.

Thankfully liveweight Prices for Pigs continue to appreciate across all locations in Nigeria.

Here are the price updates for this week

  • Ondo 600 Naira per kg

  • Ota 550 Naira per kg

  • Lagos Abbatoir 450 Naira per kg

  • Okearo 450 Naira per kg

  • Gberigbe 450 Naira per kg

Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

Swine Vesicular Disease update


Last we heard about this devastating infection was its presence in multiple farms within Gberibe in Ikorodu, however recently its been tracked to a Farm in Ogere in Ogun-state.

Farmers are advised to buy animals from safe sources and limit use of waste products in feeding.

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Production Cost of a Weaner Pig


Wait! Just before you sell that Pig cheaply let’s discuss the cost of producing it. Let me ramble a bit……

In Piggery we have two types of Farmers:

Read more…

Swine Vesicular Disease Outbreak Alert

img-20160702-wa0001 img-20160629-wa0001


Despite increased awareness on modern production practices the Nigerian Swine Industry continues to be under threat from diseases due to poor bio security practices.    Read more…

Weaners, Growers, Sows for Sale

I have available some Pigs for sale from my Farm. They include:

  • 120 Growers and Weaners
  • 10 Pregnant Sows
  • Boars

They are all fast growing and highly prolific animals.

Call or WhatsApp me on 08034209301 for more details.

Pork Processing – roast

As a modern Nigerian farmer I have decided not to just farm but to process my farm produce.

In the past years I have been producing Pigs and selling wholesale live animals to middle men from across Nigeria and neighboring countries.
However, long-term strategic thinking coupled with hyperinflation currently affecting the economy have made me rethink my sales approach. Read more…

100 Weaners and 40 about-to-cross wanted urgently

A farm in Ota urgently needs 100 Weaners, 40 Gilts/about-to-cross and 4 Boars.

Price should consider volume of purchase.

If you can meet this order within the next week, call 08034209301 or email:

Largest Pig farm in the World

Oh yes! Right here in Nigeria, the largest pig farm in the world once existed in the core Muslim Northern city of Kano.

That was when Nigeria was lovey dovey and we all tolerated one another. Read more…

Pig lingua

This post is for the new pig farmers, potential pig farmers and the uninitiated…..

Its important to understand the common terms pig farmers use to describe different categories of pigs and situations.

some of the terms can be interpreted differently by people but this post will give you a big clue Read more…

Reducing losses on the pig farm— Toxin binder

Today I will share an old but powerful idea for reducing losses and increasing profits on the Pig farm.

Many Pig farms have suffered the occasional/sporadic deaths of grown pigs due to presence of harmful toxins in their feed.

Commercial toxin binders help to mitigate this great economic loss but also at a significant financial and processing cost to feeding, hence some might shy away from its usage. So what alternative exists for the cost efficient farmer? Read more…

100 grower pigs wanted

A Farm in Ota, Ogun-state requires 100 male or female growers pigs for immediate purchase.

Price should consider volume of purchase.

If you can meet this order within the next week, call 08034209301 or email:

Piglet Management; survival and mortality

My last training session was heavily focused on helping a client reverse the negative trend of piglet mortality on his farm. This is a common drawback encountered by pig farmers in Nigeria.

High piglet mortality prevents the farmer from fully enjoying the economic benefits of the piggery business. Read more…

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