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How To Wean More Piglets

A newborn pig is challenged in many different ways. It must stay warm, find food and fight off bacteria. These factors are also the reason why a piglet may not survive or the reason that it gets off to a bad start.
Envirogene dries the pig and reduces harmful pathogens, and for this reason, its use around farrowing is worth a thought.
The process of drying means that the pigs do not need to use their energy on staying warm. Instead, they can use all the energy gathered from the colostrum, to grow. This makes a lot of sense, especially for the smallest pigs.
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History Of Pork and Beef Processing In Nigeria

Interesting Video showing how advanced the Nigerian pork meat processing industry was several decades ago at Independence.

You also get to see a Pig Farm in Minna, Niger State owned by the Northern Region Government and UAC.

Can Niger State government today fund a Pig farm?

Enjoy the Video below and comment

Pig Disease Alert In Nigeria: Classical Swine Fever

It’s been a season of boom for many Pig farmers across the Nigeria with unprecedented selling prices for all categories of Pigs.

Infact many pig farms are currently selling Breeder Pigs for 1000 Naira per kilogram liveweight, expanding their herd and constructing new pens.

Amidst this fantastic success stories danger lurks, No1pigfan has received updates on swine fever infection causing havoc in pig farms across Imo, Enugu, Benue and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria. Read more…

Pork Processing SME Training

No1Pigfan presents a Meat processing and Value Addition Program for Pig farmers and Pork enthusiasts.

The Program focuses on the Production of Food and Cosmetic Products using Pigs.
At the end of the training participants would be able to produce:
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Pig Liveweight Price Updates In Nigeria


Inflation and high feed prices continue to put pressure on Pig production in Nigeria.

Thankfully liveweight Prices for Pigs continue to appreciate across all locations in Nigeria.

Here are the price updates for this week

  • Ondo 600 Naira per kg

  • Ota 550 Naira per kg

  • Lagos Abbatoir 450 Naira per kg

  • Okearo 450 Naira per kg

  • Gberigbe 450 Naira per kg

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Swine Vesicular Disease update


Last we heard about this devastating infection was its presence in multiple farms within Gberibe in Ikorodu Lagos-state, however recently its been tracked to a Farm in Ogere in Ogun-state.

Farmers are advised to buy animals from safe sources and limit use of waste products in feeding.

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100 grower pigs wanted

A Farm in Ota, Ogun-state requires 100 male or female growers pigs for immediate purchase.

Price should consider volume of purchase.

If you can meet this order within the next week, call 08034209301 or email:

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