No1 Pig Fan

Home Of Pig Farming and Pork Business In Nigeria


Due to our experience and expertise, we understand all the challenges you’re likely to face, hence you can count on us for:
  • Training
  • Veterinary services
  • Farm Facility construction and management
  • Feed and Raw materials procurement
  • Animal procurement
  • Recruitment
  • Piggery Equipment

Our equipments are designed to

  • be rust free
  • eliminate feed and water wastage
  • prevent contamination
  • discourage rodents
  • keep pigs healthy

Order your Piggery equipment from us now!!!!



17 thoughts on “Services

  1. Olugbenga on said:


    We share similar backgrounds professionally and I’m taking interest in pig farming as well, though currently have little knowledge of this. Would like to know how to start on a small scale piggery farming

    • Do you have an existing facility or land? If you don’t you can consider rental.
    • Such a facility must have reliable water supply.
    • Such a facility must have a means of waste management i.e pit
    • Such a facility must be relatively secure.
    • You must have funds to employ a worker.
    • You must have funds to buy food and drugs.
    • You can start of with 1 male,5 females and 10 castrated males.
    • All these you can achieve with less than 200,000 Naira, however you must have a plan to expand……

  • Wonderful site. I’ve been interested in the business.
    Okearo Pig Farm is in my neighbourhood and i can get pens to rent there.
    what i need is training before i start? I value training.
    Can i train with you and what is the cost, the timing, etc?

  • Nelson on said:

    I stumbled accross your site while trying to gather some information on pig farming. Your site is very educating. I have been trying to reach you with the # on your site, its not going through, please leave me an alternate # where i can reach you. I want to venture into pigery, i believe i will need a training from u.

  • Good day and happy new month, I am intrested in piggry luckly i stumble on you site i was happy. please how much will the tranning cost me and how do i get to your address at Ilasamaja,mushin. my name:PAUL ONIYIDE phone: 08028386695. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you and God bless.

  • Matilda on said:

    This is the best on piggery I have come come across. Simple and educating. I am interested in your training program and paying a visit to your farm. In addition, I’m interested in cost implications and the number of pigs to buy that will give me a PROFIT margin of 350-500k/month. Thanks

  • Richard on said:

    Your site has been very useful. I got intersted in starting a piggery. I was planning to start just in my backyard which is only 300 square meters big. I do have neighbours living around my property. Is it possible to have a small piggery to start with in this kind of area/situation?

  • olayode j. taiwo on said:

    Really, i found your site as a productive page for every nigerian who want to make prospest in life, i would like to visit you soonest, bc your office is at my backyard, Onibuku. i have alot to collect from you. both materials and knowledge.


  • nthako zondi on said:

    I am a south African woman and keen to venture into piggery farming, what are the opportunities to get training, land and market to sell pigs

  • dquest on said:

    awesome, kudos to you guys.

  • chukwudi agom on said:

    pls i need ur phone no

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