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300 Weaners, 40 Gilts and 4 Boar Pigs wanted Urgently

A new farm in Ota urgently needs 300 Weaners, 40 Gilts and 4 Boars.

The Gilts and Boars must be purebreed.

Price should consider volume of purchase.

If you can meet this order within the next week, call 08034209301 or email:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Farrowing Crates

A key driver for profitability on a piggery farm is the ability to produce, wean and fatten a great number of piglets annually. This goal is however limited or threatened on most pig farms as a result of production challenges arising from piglet mortality. Read more…

Poultry Layer feed formulation

My last post was on vaccinating pullets, cockerels and broilers, today I will expose a Layer feed formula to you. Using this formula you can go to the nearest feedmill and make cheap and nutritious feed for your laying birds. This is how I save millions every month. Read more…

Poultry Vaccination schedule for pullets, cockerels

Its been a while I blogged, now am back and will definitely be diverse. Its not going to be Pigs alone, I will also be discussing Poultry and Fishery. All these are present on my integrated farm, each with its own unique advantage, all together a huge money spinning venture.

Lets start off with a typical poultry vaccination schedule for pullets and cockerels. Read more…

Weaner and Grower Pigs for Sale

50 Weaners and 20 Grower Pigs are available for sale. The Weaners are 8 weeks old and fast growing.

Location is at Ota, Ogun-state.

call 08034209301 for more details

For Sale: 5 Gilts and 16 Grower Pigs

Urgently available for sale are 5 Pregnant Gilts and 16 Large White and Duroc Growers.

Farm Location is Ota, Ogun-state. call 08034209301 for more info

Supply needed urgently

wpid-IMG_20130723_192335.jpgA Client requires 30 about-to-cross (gilts) pigs supplied to him. The animals should weigh a minimum of 30kg each.

If you know you can deliver this, call me on 08034209301.

Piglet Management; survival and mortality

My last training session was heavily focused on helping a client reverse the negative trend of piglet mortality on his farm. This is a common drawback encountered by pig farmers in Nigeria.

High piglet mortality prevents the farmer from fully enjoying the economic benefits of the piggery business. Read more…

Pig Feed supply



You can call on us for the supply of all Pig feed materials.

We have the following items available

  • Palm Kernel Cake PKC

  • Vitamin and Mineral Premix

  • Soya Bean Meal SBM

  • Groundnut Cake GNC

  • Wheat Offal

Call or WhatsApp 08034209301. A cool bargain awaits you.

Benefits of Poultry Litter/waste in a Piggery

harvesting poultry litter

Here is a quick tip for the everyday pig farmer desirous of implementing different ways of reducing feed cost for his Pigs. Read more…

Rains, Cough, Respiratory issues and Mortality

Once the rain sets in, strange things happen on a pig farm sporadically; a cough here and there, and if your unlucky a dead pig. This disease is highly contagious and spreads rapidly in a piggery if left untackled. Read more…

Pigs for sale

I have for Sale lots of healthy fast growing Pigs both male and female; Weaners, Growers and Gilts.

Here is a break down:

  • 250 Weaner piglets
  • 30 Gilts
  • 30 Growers

Our farm is located in Ota, Ogun-state a few kilometers from Cannanland/Covenant University and we have clients from as far as Nasarawa, Ilorin, Ilesa, Benin, Anambra, Cotonou e.t.c

Demand is high so make sure you book ahead.

Bio-security – Germicide

The role of a strong disinfectant in a Piggery cannot be excused. A powerful germicide goes a long way in keeping diseases away. I use this everyday in the foot-bath and for scrubbing the Pens. Read more…

Odour management in a Piggery

My Piggery and Poultry hardly smell…yea the air around is very fresh despite the population of the animals.
Most people dread going into piggery because of odour…well I have good news for you;with smart planning before you setup you can achieve an odour free piggery. Here are some tips: Read more…

Cost reduction techniques in a Farm

This is basically about how to increase your profits especially when you run a large farm operation like I do every single Naira counts. I have been able to save millions on expenses by adopting a number of time tested strategies.
These solutions are useful in every farming Read more…

Animal Feeding secrets

Everyone wants to go into agric without proper training and investment in agric education.
The results are usually wasted finances or low profit margin. Competent knowledge of Drugs and Nutrition is supreme; Most farmers are unable to formulate a nutritious low cost ration for their animals, hence their operational cost is very high.

  • Do you know the difference between a ruminant and a non-ruminant?

  • Do you know that some diets are hardly useful for growing non ruminant animals?

  • Do you know that No Mineral or No Vitamins= NO Growth + Sick Animals=Unexpected mortality?

  • Do you know there are lots of junk Vitamin premix in the market are you using the right one?

There is more to what I have listed above…..Always seek and value knowledge. Call 08034209301 for more info

Piggery Estate/settlement/co-location issues

Piggery estate or settlements are locations where a lot of Pig farmers exist sharing land, facilities e.t. c

We have quite a few of them in Nigeria particularly in Lagos-State(oke-aro and Gberigbe) and Ogun State(Gudugba).

Am just gonna discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of such an arrangement: Read more…

Piglets for Sale

Buying your Piglets from the right source is a vital step in Pig business in Nigeria. I have for sale healthy and fast growing Piglets in Nigeria.

Piglets for sale

to Order call 08034209301

Learning how to operate a successful Piggery

Piggery is a very profitable business venture and yet like every form of agriculture its technical.

You cannot wish away adequate training in this endeavour especially if you treasure your investment. Many people believe they can learn it along the way but alas Read more…

Benefits of Castrating Male Pigs

A Male pig that isn’t used for breeding has to be castrated; typically you’re bound to do this once you start breeding. Here are a few reasons why you should castrate male pigs:

  • reduction of boar taint in slaughtered meat.
  • It allows faster growth of male pigs.
  • allows optimisation of space by concentrating several male pigs in the same pen.
  • Males that aren’t castrated can’t easily exist in the same pen!

Things to do before castration:

  • ensure d animal is fit enough to withstand the stress of castration.
  • 8 weeks is a good age to castrate.
  • ensure a clean environment.
  • Not all male Pigs can be castrated easily, those with scrotal hernia need more expertise.

Things to do after castration:

  • spray wound with Oxytet or use spirit-iodine solution and apply antibiotics.
  • Give castrated animal Vitamins.

A benefit of doing the castration yourself or in-house(using your staff) is to prevent or limit the presence of a veterinary doctor on your farm. A typical vet goes to many farms in a day and can bring disease to your farm.

We can teach you or your workers how to castrate pigs at our 3 day Training program.

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