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Piggery is a very profitable business venture and yet like every form of agriculture it is technical.

As a fellow farmer, I have shared a lot of valuable information on this site based on my personal experience so as to help you achieve your dream of financial independence and wealth via Piggery

However, you cannot wish away adequate training in this endeavour especially if you treasure your investment. Many people believe they can learn it along the way but alas after exhausting their war-chest they quit.

You can excel by benefiting from our wealth of experience and proven practices at our training program for Piggery.

Some of the practices are also beneficial in other areas of animal husbandry(cattle, goat, sheep), poultry and aquaculture.

At our facility you can learn all it takes for you to excel in piggery; here is a breakdown of the training:











For more details on the Training contact:

MOBILE: 08034209301




 This program is designed as an enhancement to the Training program to provide a fail-safe investment for our Clients.

We recognise the intention of entrepreneurs to settle into a wealth generating, fulfilling and peaceful retirement investment devoid of unnecessary risk and other financial losses typical of a Nigerian starting business setup.

Although the training program is knowledge rich and sufficient enough for every pig farmer to run a successful piggery and make profits, however we have observed that the application of some vital aspects of this knowledge isn’t always obvious on the trainee/beginner farmer till he begins to experience challenges on his farm. At this stage a lot of loss is already incurred and it might be too late to salvage the businesses.

The purpose of this program is to prevent the farmer from encountering this money draining calamities. It is recommended for prospective medium to large scale pig farmers with limited funds or time constraints

You can learn more about this program by calling: 08034209301 or visiting my farm




49 thoughts on “Training

  1. akinbote abekunle on said:

    am happy to come across your company today,i have my farm in ondo though am
    new in the bussines ,please bo update me in any subsequent tranning
    akinbote adekunle

  2. moyofola s.a on said:

    what is duration and cost implication?

  3. AYOO PASCHAL on said:

    am a prospective pig farmer and would like take advantage of your training program.pls do let me know the cost and venue of your training.

  4. When is the next training and how much will cost ?

  5. Sokan Olorunjeda.F on said:

    when is d training commence

  6. I am in paid employment.
    Can my training be staggered for weekends?

  7. Emmanuel Damilare on said:

    love everything am seeing here, but d problems is how do one get buyers?

  8. Dr. H.K.Maker on said:

    Am interested in collaborating with you. Am a pig farmer for over 17years. I have keenly preoccupied myself all these years with pig farming. But most importantly going a step further into value addition to products derivable from the business. We have worked specifically on pork processing extensively. We have experience in processing to meet international standards. We are into pork sausage making, bacon and leather from pig skins. We have invested into equipments for pork processing. I Will be glad to collaborate with u. Thank you.

    • that’s very interesting.
      Pork processing is the future for Nigerian pig farmers and in line with our current objectives as promoted by our new association(Pork Producers Association of Nigeria).
      You can contact me for more details and interactions

      • Dr. H.K.Maker on said:

        Nice to hear from you promptly. I will call you tomorrow for further discussions. Am excited. Am based in Kaduna Nigeria. Interestingly My colleague and I have been in the business for awhile. We equally are keenly interested in breeding pigs that have good conformation

  9. Engr Olowolayemo olubusuyi on said:

    Where is ur farm, and, is there provision for accomodation?

  10. OLUFEMI ADEKOYA on said:

    Do you have pregnant sows for sale? Landrace to be specific.

  11. OLUFEMI ADEKOYA on said:

    Let me also have the price per pregnant sow.

  12. Ola olubunmi on said:

    I called the line here no reply. I shall be expecting your call to have a discussion on the training and how to set up my Piggery farm as I stay in Abuja Ola Olubunmi.

  13. Olatunde Olayode Abraham on said:

    I am a professional but would still want to know more. The picture on your post fascinated me and would like to know if such a sophisticated piggery exist here in Nigeria. However I am more interested in organic pig rearing- Are u into it?

  14. seke on said:

    Greetings. Thanks for the useful information you provide on this site. Pls how much will it cost for a one week training with you?

  15. Mrs Banx on said:

    Hello, I am interested in constructing pig housing on our farm in Ogun State. I am looking at modern yet low cost housing that is practical. I wondered if you have designs and drawing of pig pens that we can acquire from you?

    • definitely we have lot’s if different low cost designs available. u can call me on 08034209301

      • Hi, I am really fascinated that you share such valuable information freely with everyone that is interested in pig farming. I am very grateful and may God bless you.

        I am based in The UK but would like to start this business for a family member to manage, I will be calling you in few days to get more info from you. Cheers bro and may you never lack.

  16. Theo PARYS on said:

    My wife like to step into pig farming. When is your next training?…

  17. awesome, kudos to you guys

  18. The 30.000 for the training does it include the materials?

  19. Adekanmbi on said:

    What’s the cost of one farrowing crate?

  20. barbara on said:

    please how much is your scale

  21. Godwin on said:

    I need a training in piggery. when is the next scheduled training and when?

  22. Oluseye on said:

    Do you still have farrowing crates? If yes, how much?

  23. IDONGESIT NWANKWO on said:

    I will love to enroll for this training. Where is your farm located?.

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