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Benefits of using Premix

Hello farmers, if you haven’t been using Premix with your Pig feed it probably explains the limited or poor performance you might be experiencing in the reproduction and growth rate of your pigs. Read more…


Feed Right……. consequences of Poor Swine Feed

let’s review in details how poor feeding screws up the pig farm. Read more…

Poultry Layer feed formulation

My last post was on vaccinating pullets, cockerels and broilers, today I will expose a Layer feed formula to you. Using this formula you can go to the nearest feedmill and make cheap and nutritious feed for your laying birds. This is how I save millions every month. Read more…

Benefits of Poultry Litter/waste in a Piggery

harvesting poultry litter

Here is a quick tip for the everyday pig farmer desirous of implementing different ways of reducing feed cost for his Pigs. Read more…

Animal Feeding secrets

Everyone wants to go into agric without proper training and investment in agric education.
The results are usually wasted finances or low profit margin. Competent knowledge of Drugs and Nutrition is supreme; Most farmers are unable to formulate a nutritious low cost ration for their animals, hence their operational cost is very high.

  • Do you know the difference between a ruminant and a non-ruminant?

  • Do you know that some diets are hardly useful for growing non ruminant animals?

  • Do you know that No Mineral or No Vitamins= NO Growth + Sick Animals=Unexpected mortality?

  • Do you know there are lots of junk Vitamin premix in the market are you using the right one?

There is more to what I have listed above…..Always seek and value knowledge. Call 08034209301 for more info

Sourcing Blood meal for Pigs

Blood meal Is a product consisting of dried animal blood its used as a high protein ration component  and the quality depends on how the blood is dried.

The benefits of blood meal Read more…

Feeding Pigs

Feeding pigs in Nigeria is quite easy but tricky. There are two ways to go compounding a balanced ration using crop produce(maize, soya e.t.c) or utilizing industrial byproducts. The latter option is more affordable and produces good results, so that’s what I will discuss. Read more…

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