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Design and Construction Of Piggery Pens In Nigeria

What I intend to do here is give a material estimate for the construction of a  Pig Pen of 14 rooms(10×10) roughly the size of two 3 bedroom apartments. A building of this size can house up to 210 Pigs,however a beginner can always start with a smaller building because of financial constraints.





Block 6inches
Gravel Small sizes
Sand Sharp
Sand Filling
Sand Plaster

Other expenses not included are:

  • Roofing

  • Doors(Iron rods are more durable)

  • Plumbing

  • Pit(for liquid and solid waste)

  • Borehole or Well

Two major areas of concern of concern during construction are the flooring and doors of the Pen. Pigs are naturally curious and destructive and will easily dig-up a concrete floor built carelessly.

Below is a sample layout of a Pig pen. We have different designs for different clients and will be happy to assist you achieve a realistic and modern pig housing.


pig house drawing

Our designs include provision for

  • Automatic showers

  • Digital pig weighing crates

  • nipple or water bowls.

  • Feeders

  • Piglets feeders and drinkers

  • Farrowing crates

Get a complete material estimate and solution by

Ordering the e-book: Effective Piggery Management in Nigeria or

attend a 3-day Training program at our Facility, where you will learn about Pig housing and other essential facts

Cost of the e-book is 10,000 Naira only.

Bank Name: GTBank
Account Number: 0017129681

After Payment send an email to or SMS to 08034209301  stating:

  • Your Name

  • email address


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31 thoughts on “Design and Construction Of Piggery Pens In Nigeria

  1. Christian Anigwe on said:

    This is the best site I have visited concerning live stock management. thanks for all the clues, they are very beneficial.

  2. Martins Tope on said:

    Am happy to hav such information at d time i need it. This site is good for evrey farmer. Thanks.

  3. Celestina Bautista on said:

    Where in United States can we order the booklet for piggery management?

  4. Anthony francis on said:

    sir am filly on Ur side sir,to make dis dream come real

  5. Daniel Odofin on said:

    This site is educative, informative and aesthetically constructed. Kudos to the theme. Keep up the good work. PS: I do not see anything on goats here whether local or imported. Kindly add me to your mailing list for latest livestock information.

  6. George Davies on said:

    I find this construction in line with what I am thinking of doing. I am little concern of climate or temperature control. Constructing in country where there is lot of rain for six months and hot condition for six months can be challenging to keep the pigs well and comfortable. can your construction provide year-round suitable healthy living condition for the pigs. I will like to know and please keep me on your contact list.

  7. Olusegun Adeyemi on said:

    Highly educative site. Pls keep it up!

  8. paul olabanji on said:

    This site is helpful, very enlightening!

  9. Pls, i want to find out where and when your next training will be taking place. Do you have any training centre in benin city?

  10. Mr victor on said:

    this is the best sit i have visited. Thanks and keep it on

  11. thanks for giving tips to construction of pig pens to people like us who are willing to invest in to this very soon.

  12. Silengo Michael Marrons on said:

    This is a powerful site which has what I need to excel in my life dream. continue to enrich the world with knowledge
    Thanks end may God bless u

  13. ahabwe. Johnson on said:

    wisdom is here

  14. temitope o on said:

    i have been investigating pig farming and i am interested in your training ,does one get an info pack with the training?

  15. Abiodun on said:

    Kindly share your training programmes

    Thank you

  16. martin dugbley on said:

    Very useful information and timely too

  17. Fedeyi on said:

    update me on Pig Farming

  18. PATRICK NWEKE on said:

    Is it true that one male pig cannot meet as many up springs (piglets) as possible?

  19. This is very educative. Keep up the good works.

  20. Thanks. I found your site while searching Google. This is really helpful. I would order for your eBook.

  21. Erasmus on said:

    Thank you for the information. It is exactly what I have been looking for.

  22. 'WOLE ANJORIN on said:

    I am about to venture into Pigry business and would be happy if you could mentor me.

  23. Immaculatus on said:

    Digital pig weighing scale? Pleasr am interested in having one or two. What’s the cost and where can one get to purchase. Tks for your kind response

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