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Sourcing Blood meal for Pigs

Blood meal Is a product consisting of dried animal blood its used as a high protein ration component  and the quality depends on how the blood is dried.

The benefits of blood meal are enormous and I started hunting them when some of my animals had an episode of Iron deficiency due to my over economization of feeding resources.

The easiest way to get blood is from slaughtered animals and this sent me off scavenging to one abattoir around my farm where I discovered I could get a steady source but do all the processing by myself. Processing is vital as you can’t just feed d animal raw blaaaaad. The blood has to be cooked to kill kokoro(germs) and dried. Then you probably have to grind it…….phew!.

I knew this was way too much wahala and unsustainable… a different approach was needed.

So I made a few enquiries and discovered I could get already processed blood meal at Oko-Oba Abattoir( Agege, Lagos state). So off I went to buy 200kg….. I made the following discoveries:

  • The blood is actually sold outside the abattoir beside the canal roughly 50m from the maingate

  • It is weighted and sold per kilogram(prices range between 50-100Naira per kg)

  • It is already bagged- which means you have to be smart because the seller  might have added some debris to it inorder to increase the weight. So it’s better you try and examine the whole content even if it means emptying the contents. Another important factor is to ensure its properly dried else you will have challenges grinding it.

  • Grinders are available across the road at Mogaji market.

Here is a typical chemical composition of blood meal which depends on the processing method

Protein 85%
Fat 2%
Fibre 5%

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15 thoughts on “Sourcing Blood meal for Pigs

  1. This has a pretty great impact on the animals; however, I use the blood in a semi-solid state. My supplier gets it from the abattoir freshly boiled and we just compound it with PKC and bag and feed it to our animals alongside Brewery Waste. I have a pig farm and will like to be in touch with you. I have added you on BB.

    Good job!

    • Nice. Where is your farm located and how much do you source brewery waste? Lets share more facts

      • My farm is Oke Aro though I’m looking to move out of the place. I buy Brewery Waste for about N14000 a truck. How do you get supply of Brewery Waste at your farm?

      • Am located along idioroko road ota, therefore having proximity to Sona breweries(abeokuta xpressway) and Nestle(Agbara).Sona is delivered at 12000-15000 Naira. Nestle waste is delivered at 15000 Naira.

  2. mr.o on said:

    i get the brewery @ ijebuode, total cost to site 14,000. but can not understand the aggro at each depot, getting the waste.
    anyway its worth the wait.

  3. OMO SOLOMON on said:

    I am new on this site and really glad to have access to such rich info,
    huz i am taking delivery of my pig this month end. i have d following questions to ask.

    1. how often do u feed with blood meal and what will the compositions be (blood+PKC+brewery waste+ soya beans +fish meal) is this ok
    can the above composition be feed to the pig without cow blood

  4. Odebunmi olawole on said:

    Thanks for the information sir, really appreciate it a lot.
    I just want to ask if the price you gave is a recent one, and whats the price for uncooked i.e raw blood per paint bucket or keg?
    Also, what type of cost minimizing and growth effective feeding composition would you recommend to a beginner?

  5. I want to buy a truck of brewery waste, how much wld it cost me?

  6. I want to buy a truck of brewery waste asap,
    How much ll it cost me? as I am in need of a regular supply

  7. Barbara on said:

    hello, I have my farm in Epe and looking to buy BDG. I would buy 50 tonnes if i can get and more. Can anyone share ideas on how I can get this. I will go up to Ijebu ode or ikorodu for this. Thanks.

  8. Balogun on said:

    Pls, l’m a starter and i need i good feed composition and how to ration it

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