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Reproduction challenges in Piggery

Before Birth

  • Transfer the pregnant sow to a disinfected Pen(at least a week before farrowing so she can acclimatise to the new environment).

  • Deworm the Pregnant Sow inorder to erradicate parasites.- This will prevent the transmission of parasites like worms and mange to the new born piglets.


After Birth

    • Inject the Sow with Vitamins

    • After a few hours Inject the Sow with Antibiotics.

    • Ensure the new born piglets have a warm environment by putting some saw sawdust in the pen.

    • Ensure the new born piglets are suckling

    • Disinfect the umbilical cord of the new born piglets.

These is not all!!!

Learn more vital practices by Ordering the e-book: Effective Piggery Management in Nigeria or attend a 3-day Piggery Training program at our Facility.

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