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Reducing losses on the pig farm— Toxin binder

Today I will share an old but powerful idea for reducing losses and increasing profits on the Pig farm.

Many Pig farms have suffered the occasional/sporadic deaths of grown pigs due to presence of harmful toxins in their feed.

Commercial toxin binders help to mitigate this great economic loss but also at a significant financial and processing cost to feeding, hence some might shy away from its usage. So what alternative exists for the cost efficient farmer? Read more…


Advantages and Disadvantages of Farrowing Crates

A key driver for profitability on a piggery farm is the ability to produce, wean and fatten a great number of piglets annually. This goal is however limited or threatened on most pig farms as a result of production challenges arising from piglet mortality. Read more…

Piglet Management; survival and mortality

My last training session was heavily focused on helping a client reverse the negative trend of piglet mortality on his farm. This is a common drawback encountered by pig farmers in Nigeria.

High piglet mortality prevents the farmer from fully enjoying the economic benefits of the piggery business. Read more…

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