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How to Sell Pigs Profitably in Nigeria

Here are some quick tips to help you sell Pigs profitably in Nigeria.

Always Sell Using A Digital Scale

Every time you sell using a manual scale you lose at least 4 kg per pig. In a tonne sold that’s a cumulative loss of 80 kg which is same value as giving away additional 2 pigs for free.

So it’s best to go Digital!

Two options are available Digital Hanging Scale or Digital Cage Scale.

Always Sell From A Position Of Strength

Ensure you have sufficient feed and cash to keep your animals an extra 30-60 days after maturity.

This is relevant because pig buyers might take 1-2 weeks to initially respond to your sale request, also buyers might not immediately agree to the terms of your sales or if your farm is in a remote area you might need to wait and sell together with other farmers.

This potential wait will no doubt depress and make the farmer desperate opening him up for exploitation from the pig buyers.

Money First

Ensure buyers pay completely before weighing your pigs. You achieve this by making sure you have an average weight estimate of your pigs before calling the buyer and when they arrive ensure they pay before weighing.

A lot of buyers will deliberately weigh more pigs than they have cash to pay for inorder to ask for credit. They bank on the farmers reluctance to reintegrate an already stressed pig back into the herd after weighing hence they walk away with part of your money which you might never redeem.

Keep It Lean

Lean pork is preferred by majority of the buyers so ensure you adjust your pig feed formulation to produce lean meat.

Don’t Start Small

that might sound good or bad advice. but a majority of the buyers will prefer to buy at least 2 tonnes(40 pigs) if you are closer to their market or at least 10(100 pigs) tonnes if you are farther from their base.




Pigs Loaded Enroute Warri, Nigeria.

Make Them Heavier

A majority of the buyers would pay a little premium and prefer to buy pigs weighing 80 kg and above for the following reasons:

  1. Buyers have to pay a specific “tax” while transporting or slaughtering per pig regardless of the size of the pig hence they would pay less per tonne if the pigs individually have more weight.

  2. Another reason is they would have less offals / unwanted parts of pork per tonne of pig slaughtered compared with slaughtering smaller pigs.



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4 thoughts on “How to Sell Pigs Profitably in Nigeria

  1. Tosin Jerry on said:

    Its educative and enriching

  2. Destiny oluwaseyi on said:

    kudos to y’all nice write up these were things i never thought of keep it up by destiny seyi lagos

  3. BUKOLA O on said:

    Thanks. Good lesson

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