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Record Breaking Female Pig Delivers 20 Piglets in Nigeria

Friends, today am a Happy Pig Farmer.

7 Days ago I got a fantastic surprise on my farm, an expectant Sow broke all records and Farrowed a Record Breaking 20 Piglets.

The Largewhite Sow comes from a superior lineage of Prolificity and excellent maternal care. Her previous farrowings produced 15 piglets each.

Over the years I have been able to establish in my Female Lines the following unique attributes:

  • Farrow without assistance. I have never ever had a piglet stuck in a Sow during farrowing.

  • Excellent weaning rate. 80% of farrowed piglets survive till weaning

  • High litter sizes. I get an average of 15 piglets from the second farrow.


The record breaking Sow is currently on a Lactation diet of Candies, Milk and PKC for the next 2 weeks after which she will be switched to a better ration to help her cope with the huge demand from the Piglets.

Video of the Litter


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3 thoughts on “Record Breaking Female Pig Delivers 20 Piglets in Nigeria

  1. Good morning, This is a great achievement and ground breaking. What are your breeds, were is your farm located, and how do you sell your winners? Am in Kaduna.

    • Thanks. We are located in Ota, Ogun state.

      The weaners from this Sow will be sold at a premium and can be delivered to you.

      Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 to Order.

  2. This is really Beautiful and of course Incredible! Am really amaze to see this kind of experience happening in Pig Farming, even in Africa, that’s great.

    It will really be good, if one can secure this breed of high baby producing pigs.

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