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Benefits of Using Premix In Pig Feed Formulations

Hello farmers, if you haven’t been using Premix with your Pig feed it probably explains the limited or poor performance you might be experiencing in the reproductive and growth rate of your pigs.

Premix is essential for Pigs delivering numerous benefits which include faster growth rates and more piglets.

Regular use of this product:

  • Eliminates need to inject adult animals with Vitamins or Iron.

  • Increases Sow litter size. (more piglets).

  • Guarantees stronger and active piglets at birth.

    Sows that use our premix pass on plenty of vitality to their new born piglets ensuring they get a strong and faster start to life competing actively with their mates hence reducing pre-weaning mortality and runts

  • Prevents sudden mortality due to anaemia.

    Imagine the financial loss and pain associated with losing a Sow worth 100,000 Naira…..

  • Boosts Boar semen quality thereby increasing Sow litter size.

  • Boosts Boar libido. Allows your boar to be more active and service more sows with good semen quality

  • Improves appetite of Growing and Lactating Pigs allowing faster weight gain.

  • Prevents vices such as biting and aggressive rooting(damaging the pen).

  • Guarantees improved milk flow for lactating sows.

  • Provides Sows with enough strength to undergo farrowing rigours.

  • Eliminates toxin from the system and improves immunity of your Pigs to bacterial, fungi and viral infections.


Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 to Order


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