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Proper Pig Feeding……. consequences of Poor Swine Feed Formulations In Nigeria

let’s review in details how poor feeding screws up the pig farm.

Poor Gestation Feed = Costly Lactation

Poor Lactation Feed = Costly Weaning + Costly Gestation

Poor Weaning Feed= Costly Finishers

It’s a chain of rewards and punishment.

Listed below are the consequences of poor feeding at different stages of raising Pigs:


  • still births

  • Smaller litter size

  • underweight piglets

  • longer days to weaning


  • Poor sow body condition which affects the next gestation cycle.

  • longer days to weaning piglets

  • longer days to finishing weaned pigs

  • smaller litter size at next farrow

  • Piglet mortality from poor nutrition


  • Longer days to finishing

  • Poor feed conversion

  • Nutrition related mortality

  • Poor carcass quality

  • longer days to gilt sexual maturity

You can’t just decided to to feed right at a particular stage. When you do a stage right the pig rewards you immediately at the next stage.

Below is a chart to guide and help you evaluate the feed and growth performance of your pigs

We have available ready made Swine Feed designed towards helping the Pig farmer meet his performance objectives all the time.

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