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Pigs for Sale In Nigeria

Hello farmers, I have available a variety of Largewhite, Hampshire, Landrace and PIC Pigs for sale.

  • Boars/male

    ranging 40–120kg in weight.

    Our Boars have high libido and nice temperament.


  • Gilts/about-tocross females

    ranging 50-60kg in weight.

    The Gilts come from an excellent lineage of high litter and weaning rates. They have been specially bred to farrow perfectly without assistance.


  • Weaners

    over 100 excellent hybrid weaners are available


  • Pregnant Gilts and Pregnant Sows


  • All our Pigs are free from genetic or pathogenic impairments.
  • All our pigs attain 120 kg in 6 months when raised under standard swine feeding and management practices.


Call or WhatsApp 08034209301 for more details


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14 thoughts on “Pigs for Sale In Nigeria

  1. Omowumi Olalekan on said:

    Can you give me cost for pic gilt, boar and weeaner , I am using it for breeding purpose to , I am base in kwali Abuja.tks

  2. Eboh Bob Oghogho on said:

    My name is Bob from Delta State, i have gone through your write up and its self educating and would love to say thank you.
    I’m planning to go into giggery business and i don’t know how much it would cost to start a small farm of five female pigs. Can you give me a little cost analysis? thanks

  3. Nwankwo on said:

    My name is Nwankwo from Port harcourt,I have read thtough your page, its reach and informative,
    I have a fenced two plots of land, can you give me guidelines on the design of pen for about 20, weaners, cost and were to get a fast growing breed? If you are within Rivers state i will like to meet with you also.
    You can mail me on :

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  4. Oyagbile Samuel.O on said:

    Pls I need landrace pig

  5. Ghidee oyeniran on said:

    Sir can i please have the price list of the various bread with there age and weight. Thanks. You can send it to God bleà

  6. Alowooja Oluwatobi Stephen on said:

    Good Day SirMa
    I want to start a pig farm and i dont know anything about it but i love pigs and i have a plot of land fenced already. i need u to pls educate me or if there are pamphlets i can read pls forward it pls.

    • Peruse this site and like our Facebook page for educative materials.

      I also do a 3 Day Pig Training Program on the Farm in Ota.

      Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 for details

  7. Bankole Olaoluwa on said:

    Pls do you have a cross of large white and landrace and if yes, how much is a weaner?

  8. Adekunle on said:

    Hi am planing to start this pug farming soon but i have already spoken to some people about it and read some books on it, what I want to know is the price of the piglets male and female and how long do they take to get to mating stage. Thank you.

  9. Michael on said:

    Hello, kindly I would like to know the price for the 3 days training in Ota as I will be coming from awka.

    Thanks you

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