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Pig Liveweight Price Updates In Nigeria


Inflation and high feed prices continue to put pressure on Pig production in Nigeria.

Thankfully liveweight Prices for Pigs continue to appreciate across all locations in Nigeria.

Here are the price updates for this week

  • Ondo 600 Naira per kg

  • Ota 550 Naira per kg

  • Lagos Abbatoir 450 Naira per kg

  • Okearo 450 Naira per kg

  • Gberigbe 450 Naira per kg

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4 thoughts on “Pig Liveweight Price Updates In Nigeria

  1. Adesina Akinsanya on said:

    That is encouraging. The price needs to go up more to keep us profitable

  2. Great job, oga Femi

  3. abbey on said:

    good job but need to be wide spread. what is the pricing in Ibadan area

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