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Production Cost of a Weaner Pig In Nigeria For Financial and Business Plans


Wait! Just before you sell that Pig cheaply let’s discuss the cost of producing it. Let me ramble a bit……

In Piggery we have two types of Farmers:


This category of Farmers have Boars and Sows that produce Piglets that are sold as Weaners or are raised to maturity(farrow to finish) and sold for slaughter.

They do all the sweating and invest on nursery infrastructure as well and usually get exploited by Fattener Farmers or middlemen.


I think i would call them pretenders.

They are mostly interested in buying Weaners cheaply from farmers who have their figures messed up, broke or have run out of Pen space.

The Fattener Farmers always go around with a War-chest of funds to intimidate the broke Breeder Farmer into selling Weaners cheaply.

Now I started as a Breeder Farmer and have remained so come rain or sunshine.

I have taken my time to master the business, optimise my production and most importantly get my figures right and pay myself an income from the Pigs.

So let me share with you how I do my costing:


As we all know this is the period of sow pregnancy averaging 115 days.

At this stage the Sow feed per kilogram is cheaper so lets assume a kilogram of Gestation feed costs 40 naira per kg.

If the Sow eats 2 Kg a day for 115 days we have:

115 Days x 2 Kg x 40 Naira= 9,200 Naira

this will be the feed cost for a sow from mating to farrowing day.

this cost would definitely escalate if your mating isn’t optimal due to missed heat/mating, miscarriages/abortions etc




This for me lasts 42 days. The feed cost maybe 80 Naira per Kg.

so let’s assume the Sow consumes an average of 5 Kg a day for 42 days. 

5 Kg x 42 Days x 80 Naira=16,800 Naira

If we combine the Gestation and Lactation Feed costs we get:

Gestation Feed Cost + Lactation Feed Cost = Total Breeding Feed Cost.
9,200 + 16,800 = 26,000 Naira per Litter / Farrow





Assuming the Boar feed costs 40 naira per kg. If the Boar eats 2kg a day for 365 days we have:

365 Days x 2 Kg x 40 Naira= 29,200 Naira.

Now if a Boar handles 15 Sows and a maximum of 30 farrowings in a year we arrive at.

29,200 Naira / 30 Farrowings = 973 Naira per Litter/Farrow


lets assume average of 500 naira per farrow/litter


Electricity or Generator you will have to pump water for the Pigs at a cost.

Let’s assume a Sow consumes 10 litres of clean water a day.

In 115 days that’s 1,150 litres.

In 42 days that’s 420 litres.

That’s a total of 1,570 Litres of Water for 157 days.

This is an average estimate she could consume less during Gestation and more during Lactation.

So assuming you are using Generator to pump water you would spend at least 400 Naira to pump 1,570 Litres. You can work out the alternate cost using public power supply.

for argument sake let’s assume 400 Naira per Litter/Farrowing.


It’s possible no damage will happen and atimes damage could be extensive

let’s assume 200 Naira per Litter/Farrow.


Let’s assume one man can take care of 100 Pigs including Sows. Let’s assume Salary is 15,000.

for Gestation and Lactation which is roughly 6 months salary would equate 90000 Naira.

Now if you divide 90,000 Naira /100 Pigs you get 900 Naira per Pig.

So we can can assume labour cost for a Litter/Farrowing as 900 Naira.



Other costs include:


definitely you commute to the farm and we all know petrol isn’t cheap.

How often do you visit and how many kilometres do you travel? What about vehicle maintenance?



Yes! mortality can happen anytime on the farm.

It’s possible for a pregnant Sow to unexpectedly drop dead, however if she farrows successfully you could still lose some piglets before weaning. this will definitely raise production costs.


will farming be an expensive hobby or an investment for you? you have to pay yourself!


is your farm rented?

what’s the Cost of the space occupied by a Sow?

Now let’s sum up what we have been able to derive:
Gestation + Lactation + Boar + Drugs + Water + Labour + Maintenance

9,200 + 16,800 + 973 + 500 + 400 + 900 + 200 = 28,973 Naira.

Now if the Average Weaning rate per Litter is 8 Piglets, we can can derive the cost of producing a Weaner.

28,973 Naira / 8 Piglets =3,622 Naira.



Note this is just a modest basic cost only estimate. It doesn’t capture your salary as the Boss, however its a starting point for your financial analysis and pig business plan.

So, considering all these expenses how much would you sell a Weaner Pig considering your Salary/profit on the Farm ?


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27 thoughts on “Production Cost of a Weaner Pig In Nigeria For Financial and Business Plans

  1. Adesina Akinsanya on said:

    This is great. We need to take into account all costs including inflation, insurance etc

  2. seun synergy Royale Farms on said:

    Well thought out analysis.
    Thumbs up. Pig Farmers should be wiser in their decision in weaners selling.

  3. Namanya Christine on said:

    Wow at least i now have the idea about what i need to do and how best to benefit i hope to start my farm next year, thanks a lot

  4. Biggy 2015 on said:

    well thought out

  5. Good analysis. Please I need sponsor/s to start my own farm.
    Anyone can help please.

  6. Isaiah on said:

    I need sponsors for my farm enactment please. Please contact me on or 08037206924

  7. olujimi on said:

    starting my farm by June after I finish my nysc, great analysis..

  8. josephine Timbuak on said:

    This is fantastic

  9. Brendan on said:

    this is good.

  10. Percy on said:

    We detailed analysis and it’s an eye opener!

  11. adeyemi kayode on said:

    I will sell each weaner at 5000naira. Thanks for the analysis. I pray that God should grant me grave to hace my very big farm

  12. adeyemi kayode on said:

    I will sell it at 5000 per weaner. Thank s for the analysis. I pray that God will give me gra ce to hace my big farm

  13. Lukman on said:

    I want to learn how to rear pigs, 09035627679, is My Number

  14. yemisi Suleiman zaria on said:

    this is an eye opener !!!. Thanks.

  15. Stephen on said:


  16. Wole Kolawole on said:

    Hello whan are you having training again. Can you send detail to my email. Thanks

  17. Emanovwe Voke on said:

    Please do you any idea on how to buy AI for pig production.

  18. Emanovwe Voke on said:

    Please do you have any idea on how to buy AI for pig breeds enhancement.

  19. Funoagrobiz on said:

    I really appreciate this.

  20. Adeniyi on said:

    Details well spelt out. Thanks a lot.
    I started pig farming a year a go with some local winners. They are looking fine currently but not develop or robust as expected not to talk of mating them. Please what else should I do? A lot of investment has gone Into it already. Thanks. Delight

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