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Swine Vesicular Disease Outbreak Alert For Nigeria

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Despite increased awareness on modern production practices the Nigerian Swine Industry continues to be under threat from diseases due to poor bio security practices.   

Early this year an outbreak of a variant of Swine Vesicular Disease occurred on many farms at the popular Okearo Pig Estate in Ifo local government,  Ogun state and also in a Pig farm settlement within  Abia state. At the moment the disease has also spread to Pig farms in Ikorodu.

This highly contagious viral infection has had a severe impact on production capabilities of many farms in the affected zones with mortality occurring across Breeding and Fattening stocks hence creating an artificial scarcity of Pigs and expensive pork meat.

Infected Pigs manifest physical symptoms very similar to Foot and Mouth Disease such as swollen snouts, blisters and removed hoofs, lameness etc. 


 The pictures below do a better job explaining the symptoms


swollen/blistered snout


swollen/blistered snout


chipped hooves


blistered hooves


blistered hooves


blistered hooves


loss of hooves


loss of hooves/lameness


loss of hooves/lameness


loss of hooves/lameness


lameness and bad gait

Screenshot below explains the travails of a Pig farmer in Ikorodu. 


No1PigFan advices farmers to buy pigs from reliable sources and avoid the use of controversial feed sources.

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4 thoughts on “Swine Vesicular Disease Outbreak Alert For Nigeria

  1. chichi on said:

    what are more solutions to stay off this diseases or to protect the animals ?

  2. olapoju farms on said:

    Pls let such farmers get copper sulphate mixed with water and pour it at the hoof both the affected and non affected animals

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