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Pork Processing, Value Addition and Sale In Nigeria

As a modern Nigerian farmer I have decided not to just farm but to process my farm produce.

In the past years I have been producing Pigs and selling wholesale live animals to middle men from across Nigeria and neighboring countries.
However, long-term strategic thinking coupled with hyperinflation currently affecting the economy have made me rethink my sales approach.

I have henceforth decided to slaughter and process my pigs on the farm.

Processing used to be a hobby for me and an opportunity to delight the taste-buds of friends and family, now I have decided to showcase our mouth watering and succulent pork products to the public.

Pork is a wonderful meat well consumed in Europe, America and Asia. even the religiously conservative Arabs can’t resist bacon when they are in England.

Ham, bacon, sausages, ribs, pork salami, pork pizza, rinds/crackling are all popular acceptable and wonderful products of pork. Inside pepper soup or egusi it’s d best meat.

here are some reasons you should consume pork products:

  • pork is absolutely conflict free meat unlike beef which is currently produced by ravaging crop farms.
  • Pigs have far more meat per body weight than goat and cattle.
  • absolutely tender and more digestible than  beef.
  • great for introducing toddlers to meat.
  • only meat with naturally customisable flavours.
  • Crop farmer friendly- pigs don’t roam around and ravage crops, they eat grains sold by crop farmers.
  • An average pig consumes at least 350kg of feed in its life time hence keeping a lot of crop farmers gainfully employed.
  • Pork is cost effective to prepare as there is no need for vegetable oil when frying or roasting.
  • Saves your gas because it requires fewer minutes to be cooked tender.
  • a kilo of pork is also less expensive compared with beef or chicken

Enjoy pix from my pork roast.



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7 thoughts on “Pork Processing, Value Addition and Sale In Nigeria

  1. Keep it up!
    More oil to your elbow bro.

  2. Do you have bacon for sale

  3. maks on said:

    wow I am impressed….

  4. amaka on said:

    wow…I am impressed

  5. Biggy 2015 on said:


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