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Raise Pigs outdoors/free range the easy and natural way In Nigeria for more profits


Despite engaging in indoor or intensive operations my love and interest in semi intensive or what I call a confined range within a rich vegetation is uncontrollable.

Nothing beats the fun and joy i get from watching my pigs play outdoors within the farm. I have watched them fight with the farm dog and peeped from my window as they scavenge for palm kernel nuts as early as 3 am.



There is no “preferred” way to raise pigs, also there are a variety of methodologies to adopt in modern sustainable pig production.

If you’re starting out with limited finance and want to grow rapidly I recommend this approach.

Pigs outdoors are different from Pigs in confinement and it’s possible for the modern African farmer to fully tap all the benefits within a confined range.

In a confined range the pig is free to move around a fenced farm land and derive all the nutritional benefits mother nature offers.

Previously i discussed the benefits of charcoal as a toxin binder.

another common pig life saver are Plantain and Banana leaves which have antibacterial and antiviral properties beneficial to pigs. 




Other benefits that exist or can be deliberately cultivated in the outdoors include:

  • unlimited supply of minerals and vitamins.
  • access to protein from lizards, snakes, insects, reptile eggs, worms, and other animals.
  • access to calories from plant and tree roots.
  • access to plant protein and oils.
  • natural probiotics and toxin binders.
  • access to plants containing antibacterial and antiviral agents.
  • access to fibre.
  • As the farmer you get to produce lean and  rich red colored pork. not white pork.
  • Less labour.
  • lower startup costs.




Disadvantages of letting your pigs outdoors include:

  • Insufficient protein and calories
  • Reproductive diseases
  • external and internal parasites.

…. well i think these are manageable challenges that equally occur all the time in confined pens.

It’s important to note that the quality of nutrients accessible depend on the quality of the vegetation and environment.

A serious farmer can make deliberate efforts to cultivate specific plant and animals species inorder to enhance the quality of nutrients available to the pigs. Some breeds of pigs have been identified to perform excellently outdoors.

My next post will be on selecting the best pig breed…. a very controversial topic at d moment…follow us on Facebook for updates.


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