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Largest Pig farm in the World In Nigeria

Oh yes! Right here in Nigeria, the largest pig farm in the world once existed in the core Muslim Northern city of Kano.

That was when Nigeria was lovey dovey and we all tolerated one another.

The farm was started  in 1943 by a Lebanese, Kalil Maroun founder of K.Maroun and Co a popular Pork Farm/Processing company, located at Apapa, Lagos.

The original intention of Maroun was to produce pork for the US military base in Kano during world war 2.

In 1959, 36,000 pigs were fattened and transported by rail to be butchered and processed in Lagos every month.

Let’s take a look at some pictures from the Kano pig farm

Pregnant sows are fed in the yard for 2 months during gestation.

Photo credits –Eliot Elisofon, 1959

To the new farmers starting out who think all we have in Nigeria are “local pigs”, Note these are Large White sows in 1959.

When and how do we get back to being a formidable nation in pork production, processing and consumption …..?

200 million Nigerians are waiting for the processing creativity of Nigerian pig farmers…….

I will continue to discuss the past, present and future of the pork industry in Nigeria,  so don’t miss out on juicy posts on how to establish your farm, solve challenges or make some tasty bacon.

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14 thoughts on “Largest Pig farm in the World In Nigeria

  1. This is fantastic! Whaoooooo…..

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  3. K houmanngreen on said:

    My father Ole Houmann managed this farm from 24th December 1955-23rd September 1970.

  4. Ajeye Patrick on said:

    Nice exposition. Am currently doing Poultry but hope to go into Pilger soon. Pls advice me.

  5. sulaiman .l .Ayinde - Nuha on said:

    How to extract lnsulin in pig to treat diabetes

  6. OLORI ADEKEMI on said:

    I have piggery farm already but I love to know more, I also want to know how to proceed it for customers. Thank.

  7. Idowu Bola on said:

    Am impress with your write up, how do i start piggery farm

  8. I’m really impressed by this pictures, looking forward for your sponsorship.

  9. Impressive farm

  10. Angus Uzoamaka on said:

    please keep me on track on pig farming events, techniques, production and marketing


    We are want to improve piggery farmers’ skills here in Uganda will you give me
    some skills to pass over to my people.

  12. Musinguzi James on said:

    Hello Iam passionate to piggery and I laying down strategies on how to begin it in Uganda.

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