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Pig lingua/terms In Nigeria

This post is for the new pig farmers, potential pig farmers and the uninitiated in Nigeria…..

Its important to understand the common terms pig farmers use to describe different categories of pigs and situations.

some of the terms can be interpreted differently by people but this post will give you a big clue

  • Weaners/Shoat

refers to young pigs that have just been weaned(stopped suckling) from their mothers, they age between 4-8 weeks and typically weigh from 7-15kg.




  • Growers/Feeders

This refers to young pigs above 15kg weight and up to 45kg weight.

The definition becomes loose as the Pig becomes bigger and is usually at the discretion of the farmer.

  • about-to-cross

this refers to a male or female pig that is either sexually mature or about to be sexually mature. 

The “about-to” being time defined is open to different interpretations from farmer to farmer.




  • Skelewu

it means an undernourished slow growing Pig.




  • PKC

Palm Kernel Cake. It’s a common type of pig feed in Nigeria. It’s a byproduct of palm kernel oil processing.

  • Farrow

the process where a female pig gives birth to piglets

  • Purebreed/purebred

This refers to a pig derived from parents of the same breed without any dilution/enhancement/crossing from outside its lineage.



  • Gilt

A female pig prior to her first litter.

  • Sow

A female pig after her first litter.

  • Boar

A male pig with intact testicles.

  • Castrated/Barrow

this refers to any male pig with testicles removed by the farmer


I think i have done justice to this post… will add more terms as they crop up. Feel free to add yours in the comments.


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10 thoughts on “Pig lingua/terms In Nigeria

  1. Ola jerry on said:

    Good job. I would be coming to your farm for training soon.

  2. Good work sir, more grace to your elbow..#AMEN#… Pls where is your farm located n branch

  3. lovet ib on said:

    Thanks alot

  4. ugwuanyi iyke on said:

    God will bless those that really want others to succeed through them. Mr/mrs lecturer thanks a lot for the good work well done. God bless you

  5. Nice one

  6. Titilola seyi ogunleye on said:

    Thank you sir, please is there anything like in gilt?

  7. Biggy 2015 on said:

    Nice of you sir to do this,,,any advice for the beginners

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