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Controlled Breeding Of Pigs In Nigeria For more Profits

Most Pig farmers in Nigeria breed without control and usually get caught up in a financial mess.

In most cases the farmer has insufficient rooms or feed for the pigs he has produced uncontrolled, hence he is forced to sell them at a loss.

Controlled breeding is a kind of family planning that ensures a farmer has complete control over the herd reproduction. It allows the farmer to decide the specific days to breed, farrow and sell.

The idea behind this is to decide the sow estrus date hence deciding accurately when to mate and subsequently making a decision to induce farrowing at a scheduled date and time. 

This system allows the farmer to produce and sell a specific no of pigs within fixed dates.

some of the advantages of this system include:

  • Uniform growth and finishing weight for fatteners.

  • increased litter size at farrowing

    because you have targeted mating to occur at the right time it becomes easy and common to have female pigs produce an average of 15 piglets.

  • Optimum utilisation of human, material and environmental resources

    Over the years I have discovered not all periods of a farming year are equal in terms of productivity, sometimes your attention is required elsewhere or your dedicated worker might be on a leave, farrowing at these periods can increase your exposure to potential loses. Another time based opportunity is deciding to breed more animals when feed prices are low e. t. c

  • Predictable sales output

    now you can take a friendly loan and pay back on time.

  • Optimal use of farrowing spaces

    no more mergers of farrowed sows due to limited rooms and clashing farrowing dates.

  • financial planning

    you can breed a specific no of animals at a period you can afford to house and feed them.


  • cost of pharmacological synchronisation

You can control or synchronise breeding pigs naturally or by using drugs.

The process is easy but requires indepth knowledge because the wrong step could ruin the herd.

You can learn more about this by attending our training on pig production

Call 08034209301 for more details


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7 thoughts on “Controlled Breeding Of Pigs In Nigeria For more Profits

  1. Nice work here. Please do you have any contact of pig farmers in benin city? I need to establish good contact and understand the market over here. Also, what is the cost of your weaners and a hybrid boar ? Let’s say 100 weaners . Thanks

  2. Wow, you have done a good job here, i know agriculture is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria, but i never knew pig farming is also great like this, thanks for this sensitive tips you shared, i should start my own pig farm this year too.

  3. Ovaflow on said:

    Greetings admin, am new here and completely a novice in pig farming. am interested in learning about pig farming for meat production. I stay in Warri, Pls try to help me with information and people to around here incase you know any

  4. Aderemi on said:

    To learn how to start and run a Piggery farm

  5. Solomon on said:

    Great job here. I’m picking great interest in piggery but it seems all basic piggery activities are located in Lagos and its environs. Pls can I get connect with any piggery in Port Harcourt where I am based. Thanks.

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