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Causes of Slow growth in Pigs In Nigeria

Most times farmers are quick to blame the source of a pig or it’s breed for its slow growth.

The source of a pig and it’s breed are very vital to its performance, however there are other sometimes discreet but significant growth retardants.

Here is a list based on my experience in pig farming business:

  • Nutritional diseases


  • Room space

  • internal and external parasites

  • systemic infections or diseases

  • Toxin

  • Diarrhoea

  • Damaged GIT

  • Frequent change of feed formulation or source

  • Stress

  • Feed and water quality

A good pig farmer must be ready and able to identify and check these issues.


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18 thoughts on “Causes of Slow growth in Pigs In Nigeria

  1. Eddy Aghimien on said:

    Great and true observations.

  2. Okoruwa Francis on said:

    Hello sir,
    Currently, how much will it cost to build standard 20 pig pens. And what and where is best area to raise pigs.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Hello Francis, you can budget 2m.
      Pigs are raised and sold successfully all over Southern Nigeria and in the middle belt.
      I will do a post on the Nigerian market very soon so watchout for it.

  3. good evening please what breed of pig is best for reproduction and for meat selling. thank you sir

    • A hybrid(offspring from 2 different breeds) is always better, hence Largewhite x Landrace is good for reproduction.
      In terms of meat selling each breed has a unique carcass characteristic that might be desirable or undesirable to your target market

  4. Olorunfemi Abosede on said:

    Good day sir, how does a new farmer knows the good breeds as mentioned by you when starting this pig farming.

  5. Olivia on said:

    Gud day sir! What can 1 use 4 dem wen dey have such diseases? Tanks

  6. Olivia on said:

    Gud day sir! Wat cn 1 use 4 dem wen dey ve dose diseases? Tnx sir

  7. Abraham Albert Okon on said:

    MY NAMES ARE Abraham Albert Okon,i Really Like The Ways U Digest Issues Bordering On Pigs,quite explicit&simple.Continue Ur Goodworks.

  8. what is d best feed composition for quick growth of pig/piglet

  9. Prince Dk on said:

    please I need more enlightenment about the pig market in north central Nigeria .

  10. Gbabele James ovye on said:

    yes do u want invest or sale.

  11. i have just started a small piggery and i have 28 pigs but my problem is slow growth rate,please advise.

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