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Monitoring Growth of Pigs Using A Digital Pig Scale

Its a new year and I would like to start on a progressive note.

Getting your pigs to grow rapidly means giving them good feed, which might be very costly.

If you’re are concerned about cost of feeding and time to market, you should be more concerned about the growth rate of your animals.

The only way for you to derive maximum value for every gram of feed is to monitor the daily or weekly weight gain of your pigs using a stress free and accurate device.

The best tool to achieve this performance indicator is a Digital Pig Weight Equipment.


I have designed this interesting machine to make weighing pigs as simple as A-B-C, many farmers are already using this device and getting accurate and predictable performance results from their pigs.

Below is a picture of the device:


Digital Pig scale




Advantages of using this equipment include:

  • zero stress on animals and workers during measurements

  • Less need for human labour during sales

  • Weigh and sort your pigs easily.

  • Detection of slow growing animals.

  • Detect sick animals

  • Detection of poor feed formulas.

  • Can also be used to weigh feed and other items.

We also sell: Farrowing crates, Feeders, nursery equipments.

We don’t just sell these products we teach you how to use them productively.

Call or WhatsApp 08034209301 or email: to order the Pig Digital Weight Scale



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6 thoughts on “Monitoring Growth of Pigs Using A Digital Pig Scale

  1. Sir, how much can one use to start pig farming on a commercial scale! At least d minimum money needed

  2. Prolusom farm enterprise on said:

    Its a grate workout for we livestock farmer.

  3. pls how much does pig digital weight cost and where can i get it am from ikorodu lagos 07087813301

  4. lovet ib on said:

    pls how much does this digital scale cost

  5. Agbaje Adetayo on said:

    Kindly confirm as follows:

    a. If this can be used for bigger pigs,
    b. How much does it cost.
    c. Where is your location in Lagos

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