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Reducing losses on the pig farm— Toxin binder

Today I will share an old but powerful idea for reducing losses and increasing profits on the Pig farm.

Many Pig farms have suffered the occasional/sporadic deaths of grown pigs due to presence of harmful toxins in their feed.

Commercial toxin binders help to mitigate this great economic loss but also at a significant financial and processing cost to feeding, hence some might shy away from its usage. So what alternative exists for the cost efficient farmer?

A solution to this problem is Charcoal… 

Charcoal has been observed to have the following benefits on pig farms:

  • absorbs toxins
  • ammonia reduction
  • prevents diarrhea
  • disease resistance
  • increases weight gain.

I teach and apply this idea all the time on my farm pigs, if you want to derive similar benefits you can book a training session and learn more.

call 08034209301 for bookings.


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4 thoughts on “Reducing losses on the pig farm— Toxin binder

  1. Good idea. Hope this will work for most of the farms. Thank you!

  2. kcamy on said:

    ps. shear more light on this idea …. Charcoal

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  4. Elizabeth on said:

    Please could you advice on what type of charcoal to use and who to use it?

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