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Advantages and Disadvantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

A key driver for profitability on a piggery farm is the ability to produce, wean and fatten a great number of piglets annually. This goal is however limited or threatened on most pig farms in Nigeria as a result of production challenges arising from piglet mortality.

Piglet mortality occurs due to a number of different factors that centre around the absence of a farrowing crate in the production unit.

As a beginner pig farmer you might not appreciate the value of investing in Farrowing crates when acquiring or breeding your Female pigs/Gilts/Sows, however as soon as she begins farrowing a new reality suddenly dawns on you.

The female mother pig suddenly becomes the greatest threat to the survival of her piglets hence impacting negatively on your financial projections.

Listed below are some of the reasons I have adopted this most essential equipment on my farm:

  • Cannibalism: Some aggressive Gilts are known to eat their piglets during farrowing, once they taste the blood they keep licking the piglets navels till they tear d piglets apart. A farrowing crate prevents this from occurring.

  • Crushing: During or after Farrowing while she moves around the Pen she is definitely going to sleep or step on her piglets.

  • Births in wallow: If a pregnant sow is allowed unrestricted movement she can deliver in the wallow.

  • Lousy Sows: some Sows just sit in the wallow after delivery refusing to breast feed.

  • Diarrhoea: piglets looking for a source of water tend to drink urine or eat other dirty stuff in the pen. With the mother in a well designed farrowing crate the urine and faeces flow is restricted and a separate feeder and drinker can then be provided for the piglets.

  • Biting of Piglets especially close to the weaning age: She finds it difficult to this while she is crated

  • Increased Piglet Weaning weight: Providing a separate drinker and feeder for piglets helps to increase their weaning weight.

All of what I just stated I have experienced or seen happen on other Pig farms, however since I have adopted the use of farrowing crates, I have 99 percent production success!!!

My advice for all farmers intent on producing Piglets successfully is to acquire a no of farrowing crates relative to the no of breeding sows.

Poorly designed farrowing crates can lead to:

  • even more Piglet mortality

  • Piglet foot sores

  • Piglet and Sow Diarrhoea

  • Sow lameness

  • Sow death.

Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08034209301 or email: to Buy a Farrowing Crate from us.


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9 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

  1. Hi,
    where is the location of the training, duration and cost?

  2. Please am a corper serving in a village in Cross River state. I need info on where I can get piglets around this area. And please I want to know if it is possible to start the biz with 100k. Tanx

  3. Thanks so much for gracious information on pig farm business . I am very very interested but don’t know how to go about it . Because I want to be successful in the business , what do I do ?

    Dickson A.

  4. Pls I will be interested in getting some farrowing crates. How much do you sell them

  5. iam from taraba state, how do I start pig farm and to get the piglet.

  6. ufoh Fidelis on said:

    do you still conduct training

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