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Poultry Layer feed formulation

My last post was on vaccinating pullets, cockerels and broilers, today I will expose a Layer feed formula to you. Using this formula you can go to the nearest feedmill and make cheap and nutritious feed for your laying birds. This is how I save millions every month.

However I won’t reveal Chicks Marsh and Grower Marsh feed formulas here, If you purchase the ebook or come for a practical training on the farm I will reveal all these to you including a GNC only no-Soya(SBM) Layer feed formula.

You can imagine the huge savings from using GNC alone compared to SBM for Layer feed formulation.


Inclusion ratio(%)







Wheat offal







as recommended

Layer Premix

as recommended







Several different ingredients can be used to partially replace maize and wheatoffal; further reducing your expenses. I will discuss all these ingredients and where you can easily source them at the Training.


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14 thoughts on “Poultry Layer feed formulation

  1. adk farm venture on said:

    pls need formula

    for milling grower marsh

  2. willis nyaande on said:

    i would wish to know more about the e book plz

  3. aghogho on said:

    How do I get d ebook

  4. ABUBAKAR AUSAJA on said:

    How can i get the ebook on formulation of poultry feeds. Thanks

  5. Abubakar Ausaja on said:

    How can i get the poultry feed fomulation book, am currently residing in kano state. thanks

  6. Oguntifa Ekundayo on said:

    To get the ebook which account do I pay into,and how much do I send?

  7. olowu elijah on said:

    is that formulation for all breed of layer

  8. jude selo on said:

    Hello. How do I get the book?

  9. Victoria on said:

    thank u for this information but how do we get the book to know other good but cheap layer feed fornmula thanks.

  10. kingley eke on said:

    when is the training coming up ?

  11. Bello Grace on said:

    how do I connect you

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