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Poultry Vaccination schedule for pullets, cockerels

Its been a while I blogged, now am back and will definitely be diverse. Its not going to be Pigs alone, I will also be discussing Poultry and Fishery. All these are present on my integrated farm, each with its own unique advantage, all together a huge money spinning venture.

Lets start off with a typical poultry vaccination schedule for pullets and cockerels.




Mareks Vaccine





2nd Week


3rd Week


4th Week


5th week

Fowl pox

7th week


8th week


9th Week


16th Week


The most sensitive aspect of vaccine application are the Injection based vaccines, they tend to stress the birds and can trigger a disease outbreak on the farm. Also there are some critical variables attached to the application of these vaccines at given dates, some farmers have lost millions due to lack of knowledge.

At our Poultry Training Program we can teach you how to apply this vaccines safely at your Farm.

Call me on 08034209301 for more details.


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17 thoughts on “Poultry Vaccination schedule for pullets, cockerels

  1. please i need to know wat to mix with my layer feed for effective egg production

  2. Dauda Abubakar on said:

    Great for the enlightenment you are engaged in.You helped reduce my cost of egg production significantly.

  3. Efe Jason on said:

    Please I want to know more about vaccines and how best to administer it, I am new to the whole poultry idea and would like to venture into it

  4. pastor ademola adesida on said:

    please what can I give to pullet o twenty weeks to start dropping. and some of them are not having weight. what can I do in this situation.kindly help me out.

  5. Vincent Pius on said:

    please I need these vaccination scheduled in More details

  6. sulaiman abdulganiyi on said:

    he do I control pecking in my farm

  7. pls what is the meaning of I/O in the vaccine schedule ?

  8. Dr Kolapo Adedamilola Mary on said:

    This is a good vaccination program template as it’s almost the same as my plan. i would advised Live Lasota to be given 1 or 3 weeks prior NDVK to be given at 16 weeks to prime the birds.
    @ Chuks consult an animal nutritionist to the feed ration right.
    @ Jason Consults any Veterinary Doctor within
    @ Pastor Ademola Improve feed quality and quantity to attain target weight of 1.640kg which is the target weight at 20 weeks if you happen to be dealing with Isa Brown breeds.
    @ Sulaiman pecking can be controlled through good de-beaking and ensuring all micro nutrients and salts is present in feeds at right proportion.
    @Alonge I/O means Intra-occular administration of vaccines in this context
    should there be need for more clarifications call me 08124132744.

  9. Nicezito Friday on said:

    Please help me i have done the pratical for a very long time and i have forgotten a lot. How can i inject my layers chickens for better eggs production

  10. Just a jjc in this biz but I saw this online n I am using it for my turkey n it’s seems working well. Pls hope it’s okay for turkey?

  11. Osazuwa on said:

    Tnks for d reply

  12. please my chicken have twisted neck how can I be stop or control

  13. Unstoppable on said:

    what a nice vaccine schedule

  14. for your day old chicks such as broiler, cockerel, pullet,geese,duck,foreign turkey, local turkey and well raise point of lay please call 08130072951. thanks

  15. hello please I got a flock which are broiler and cockerel at 4weeks and I put them together. please how can I vaccinate them?

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