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Controlling Odour in a Pig Farm

My Piggery and Poultry hardly smell…yea the air around is very fresh despite the population of the animals.
Most people dread going into piggery because of odour…well I have good news for you; with smart planning before you setup you can achieve an odour free piggery.

Here are some tips:

  • Planting of shrubs and trees which help to absorb and contain the odour of the Pig waste within the Farm.

  • acquisition of a large farmland land

  • elimination of open gutter by using sewage pipes

  • once or twice a day cleaning

  • covered waste pits


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4 thoughts on “Controlling Odour in a Pig Farm

  1. mikolo on said:

    Thank you so much for this blog.

    Please what is your price of live kilo in your farm. I really will appreciate your mentorship.

    Thanks again

  2. @ our company,starwumi Int’l, we have product that can eliminate offensive ammonia odur in farms be it poutry or piggery. And we have done that for over 100 farms in Nigeria.

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