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Pig Farm Estates, settlements and co-location Issues In Nigeria

Piggery estate or settlements are locations where a lot of Pig farmers exist sharing land, facilities e.t.c

We have quite a few of them in Nigeria particularly in Lagos-State(oke-aro and Gberigbe) and Ogun State(Gudugba).

Am just going to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of such an arrangement:


  • Cheaper labour-you get to share the same workforce with your co-farmers

  • easy access to veterinarian

  • easy access to feed.

  • guaranteed sales market for all sizes of animals

  • knowledge and farm practice sharing

  • affordable pen rentals

  • common water source

  • easy source of breeding stock


  • Disease outbreak

  • Dirty environment

  • theft of animals or feed


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12 thoughts on “Pig Farm Estates, settlements and co-location Issues In Nigeria

  1. ofros farm ltd on said:

    Am staying in Ikorodu,interested to become/join piggery farmer in Gberigbe settlement. Pls what is procedure to be one

    • t8o6n6y9 on said:

      I just stumbled on your write up about how to join pig farmers at Gberigbe farm settlement which is quite old. In case you have not gotten a reply, the settlement belongs to Lagos State Government and its under the management of Lagos State Agricultural Land Holdings. To get a plot of the land you have to apply to the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture Alausa Ikeja-Tony Tugbiyele 07038569000

  2. Festus Amadasun on said:

    I have 200x200ft in benin city i want to start a piggery business, pls do i need building approval to build a pig pen . Thanks

  3. Tosin on said:

    Good day, I saw your website on nairaland.please I need step by step guide on how to start piggery business.thanks.

  4. Ow can I locate the piggery farm in oke aro

  5. Kutelu Oladapo on said:

    How can I get a land for piggery in oke aro

  6. Kolade Ogunsanya on said:

    Dear Sir,

    Please I want to know cost to rent pens at Oke Aro for 50 pigs and also cost of feeding them per month. Thanks

  7. Omunizua, C. Julius on said:

    Good day all. Please I need large number of quality pig growers. Where can I get them and at what price?

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