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Pig Feeding Secrets Revealed

Everyone wants to go into agric without proper training and investment in agric education.
The results are usually wasted finances or low profit margin. Competent knowledge of Drugs and Nutrition is supreme in pig farming; Most farmers are unable to formulate a nutritious low cost ration for their animals, hence their operational cost is very high.

  • Do you know the difference between a ruminant and a non-ruminant?

  • Do you know that some diets are hardly useful for growing non ruminant animals?

  • Do you know that No Mineral or No Vitamins= NO Growth + Sick Animals=Unexpected mortality?

  • Do you know there are lots of junk Vitamin premix in the market, are you using the right one?

There is more to what I have listed above…..Always seek and value knowledge. Call 08034209301 for more info


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2 thoughts on “Pig Feeding Secrets Revealed

  1. primus menna on said:

    i need to set up a farm but money is an issue, can you help???

  2. Stanley on said:

    I have spent grain suitable as pig feed. interested buyers should contact me. Any quantity you want.


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