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Cost Saving Strategies For Pig Farmers In Nigeria

This is basically about how to increase your profits especially when you run a large farm operation. I have been able to save millions on expenses by adopting a number of time tested strategies.
These solutions are useful in every farming operation(fishery, poultry, piggery, crops).

Farm Vehicle

The role of a farm vehicle in a farm is usually underestimated. With a farm vehicle in place you save a lot of money from vehicle charter whenever you are purchasing feed, purchasing animals or supplying animals. With a farm vehicle you can eliminate the middle man in your feed purchases by going directly to the factories or major producers.
The type of vehicle to purchase depends on the level of finance you have and the size of your farm; whatever the case you should target a vehicle capable of carrying a minimum of 2 tonnes of feed.

Production of Germicide and Soap

Biosecurity and hygiene is very important on a Piggery. Regular use of a germicide for cleaning and foot-bath is essential; your workers will also need soap to clean their hands or shower else they will become increasingly less motivated.
A Branded Gallon of germicide costs 3000 Naira if you exhaust this weekly am sure you can guess the annual cost.
This is unavoidable hence you need to develop the skills to produce Germicide and Soap cheaply for your farm.

Premix Replacement

The role of vitamins and minerals in an animal feed ration is vital.

The non-inclusion of these supplements will lead to poor growth and diseases. Including a branded premix in your ration is therefore advised however this comes at a considerable cost to the farmer because of daily inclusion.
It’s important to note that some branded premixes are of very poor quality with no beneficial impact on animals. Since I have started using Paw-paw, Plantain, Grapes, Tangerine and Ugu stalk I have noticed better results at a reduced cost.
The strategy behind this is to plant this wonderful fruits and vegetables on your farm.

Farm workers

Employing a half day labourer will definitely save you costs. You can employ cleaners to work between 8am -12pm instead of a full day. They will get the same work done and you will save costs.

Mortality conversion

Animal Mortality is inevitable on a farm; it might be a Piglet or a grown animal. Such animals need not be thrown away or buried you can feed them to Catfishes if you have taken care to have  a mini pond. Your Pigs can also benefit from eating fish runts and fish mortality.

Waste Conversion

A Catfish pond will benefit free food from Piggery waste. I feed my fishes birth offals as well as Maggots generated from Pig Manure.

Expertise in cheap and nutritious feed formulation

We all know that feeding is the most critical and expensive aspect of a livestock farm, farming is very competitive with limited room for price increases despite the continuous increase in feed materials hence its important you know how to source and formulate cheap and nutritious feed. You can learn more on this by contacting me.

Veterinarian skills

A veterinarian is necessary for your farm because animals get sick and for disease prevention purposes. Hiring or consulting a Veterinarian will definitely add to your production cost; it’s inevitable. Acquiring this skills yourself is a major plus cause you will save :

  • cost of hiring a veterinarian

  • cost of hiring a quack veterinarian. Most vets outside didn’t attend a vet school and those that did might not have practical experience in piggery operations.

  • cost of waiting for the hired veterinarian to turn-up when you have emergencies.

  • cost of exposing your animals to diseases transmitted by a consulting veterinarian.

You can learn more on this by contacting me

Credit Facility

Once you start growing in farming it’s advisable you could establish a good relationship with a capable feed mill or material supplier; this relationship if properly harnessed will enable you receive animal feed on credit.
The benefit of this is that you have freed up finances and become more focused in meeting your production goals. You can repay such credit facility after every bulk sale of animals.
This is a strategy employed by most big farms as they seldom pay for any feed material in advance.


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14 thoughts on “Cost Saving Strategies For Pig Farmers In Nigeria

  1. Theyjih on said:

    You wouldnt believe i have the Telfaria growing wild on my hydroponic site close to My swine unit wasting away.i’ve bin using water leaf also . its time to use ’em i guess the leaves could be used to ? must commend your write up .. Learning has never bin more practical and cool

  2. Theyjih on said:

    Sorry meant Pumpkin instead of telfaria ! mybad!

  3. Please I am really interested in starting a business of such for my own bt I am a freash graduate ,never worked any where bt I do have passion for farm. So am thinking if it possible dt I may join ur team to learn and understand how to go abt it . Because my problem is I don’t have any experience nor even capital to start yet bt am positive by the time I gain little expirence God will provide something and I would love talk to you more maybe u could reply by mail I will be grateful

  4. Ayo Babatunde on said:

    Thank for the useful info you provided free of charge . Kindly forward your e mail to me . I will like to visit your farm and pay for your services for more detailed adviceE

  5. uchechukwu eze on said:

    thanks for the information.i need your phone no for a busines discussion

  6. Ben Oru on said:

    I appreciate your write-up. I am about to commence piggery farming with a start-up stock of 8 sows and 2 boars at grower stage. My major concern is how to formulate low-cost but nutritious feed.
    I will appreciate if you will kindly furnish me with your contact address , phone number, etc by return mail or via phone call to 08036612976, 08023058402 or 08076179256.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  7. ADENIYI BAMGBELU on said:


    • Ben Oru on said:

      Thanks for your Cost Reduction Techniques In A Farm. I want to know how to formulate nutritious but cheap feed for pigs. Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

      BEN ORU
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

      • These and more is revealed in the ebook and Training programs.
        Subcribe by consulting and feel free to add me on blackberry for more knowledge exchange.

  8. MICHEAL ALABI on said:

    I’m very grateful for this word of encouragement in order to alleviate poverty in people live.very soon i will take positive step toward the business God biess you

  9. your site is wonderful am am a pig farmer and i really like what you do i shall keep up with you. instead of viewing other sites am glad there is a Nigerian site to pig farming. i shall never leave the business cos its my life savings.

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