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Benefits of Castrating Male Pigs

A Male pig that isn’t used for breeding has to be castrated; typically you’re bound to do this once you start breeding. Here are a few reasons why you should castrate male pigs:

  • reduction of boar taint in slaughtered meat.
  • It allows faster growth of male pigs.
  • allows optimisation of space by concentrating several male pigs in the same pen.
  • Males that aren’t castrated can’t easily exist in the same pen!

Things to do before castration:

  • ensure d animal is fit enough to withstand the stress of castration.
  • 8 weeks is a good age to castrate.
  • ensure a clean environment.
  • Not all male Pigs can be castrated easily, those with scrotal hernia need more expertise.

Things to do after castration:

  • spray wound with Oxytet or use spirit-iodine solution and apply antibiotics.
  • Give castrated animal Vitamins.

A benefit of doing the castration yourself or in-house(using your staff) is to prevent or limit the presence of a veterinary doctor on your farm. A typical vet goes to many farms in a day and can bring disease to your farm.

We can teach you or your workers how to castrate pigs at our 3 day Training program.


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  3. ekaju solomon on said:

    it’s areally important information resourcesfull to me,but i need more information about pig production farming because am on the processes of establishing acommercial pig project in my village

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