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Drug Usage Tips In a Pig Farm

A sick pig usually is depressed and disinterested in its food. Through careful observation u get to note this and other vital symptoms.

Here are some vital tips for drug usage application in a piggery:

  • Over dosage: In farming there are no mistakes to be forgiven; no second chances. If you’re panicky or careless with the dosage you will pay for it!
    A little extra could be very dangerous. I once gave a piglet 1ml of Gentamycin instead of 0.5ml. It died instantly!

  • Under dosage: If the dose is insufficient the problem might prevail. Some drugs need to be applied twice on the first day and once subsequently. If you’re have a visiting vet it’s very easy for him to omit these for obvious reasons.

  • Heat exposure: Leaving drugs in a hot environment like locked up inside your car is a bad idea, Its efficacy might be threatened.

  • Animal Handling: Pigs are challenging to control and you need a lot of expertise, care and patience when injecting them.The challenge is usually in restraining and calming them to allow the safe use of an injection. Any mistake while injecting could lead to fatal injuries or boil.

  • Fake and Expired drugs: This does not need to be emphasised. Always scrutinise labels.

  • The tendency is for a sick animal to deteriorate; they need you to care for them like babies inorder to get well.

  • Any Delay is a DANGER!!!!

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