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Pig Feed Ingredients and Prices In Nigeria

This list is all about feed ingredients and their current prices. Prices always differ based on location. Some of the items are not easily quantified because the sellers don’t retail based on weight; they just bag it up. You can always squeeze them to top it up :D.

We Pig farmers are interested in weights so I will try and give an approximate where I can. Please feel free to contribute……………..




PkC 1st Crush Prices spike off season
PKC 2nd Crush
Brewery Waste
Blood Meal Contains Protein, Iron
Cassava Peels Carbohydrate. Deficient in Minerals and Vitamins
Bone Meal Rich in calcium and phosphorus

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16 thoughts on “Pig Feed Ingredients and Prices In Nigeria

  1. you are really doing. I have pure breeds of pig on my farm, their terminal porkers reach market weight(80kg) in 4 months. i like to share my vision with the populace on this your well read blog.

    • Feel free to showcase your animals. send me the details

      • Dear Mr. Olusola,
        Thanks for your post on September 20,2013 -“Feed Ingredients and Prices” . I also want to thank the host of this forum for giving us the opportunity to solve our problems.
        Our pigs are not growing well. At 8 months they weighed 40 kg.
        Please we need your help to increase the size of our pigs.
        I will appreciate if you will kindly send me your email.

      • This can be caused by different factors… what feed formulation have you been giving them?

  2. First 6 months was brewery waste and 2 months ago PKC was added. So these are the feed formulation given at present.
    Thanks for your support

  3. Sir, what should I do next ?

  4. Is it possible to have market weight of 80 kg in 4 months? If possible let us discuss business. Please send me your email.

  5. Orishola mayowa on said:

    Thank u!

  6. Adebayo on said:

    whats the best feed composition for pregnant sows

  7. peterbabs on said:

    Hi Olusola,
    Can I have your contact?
    Let’s talk please.

  8. peterbabs on said:

    Hi Olusola,
    Can I have your contact?
    Let’s talk please.

  9. olusola on said:

    Hello,I will be starting my pig farm in 2016,pls what do I feed them?I am starting with two pregnant sows

  10. owotola on said:

    drop ur contact n location for me here or cantact me on 08063555372.

  11. Jolly osayande on said:

    Hello, I want to start my pig farm in Benin city. Please what is the best feed formula to given them.

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