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Starting a Small Piggery In Nigeria

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Piggery is a pocket friendly business you needn’t a warchest or be a millionaire before venturing into this noble enterprise. You can start small and within 6 months start smiling……here are some tips on how to start small….

    • You don’t need to spend millions on infrastructure you can rent an existing farm at a very cheap rate.

    • Ensure the facility has clean water and a waste management system(pit).

    • Equip yourself with some basic knowledge about animal nutrition, diseases and treatments.

    • You must have funds to employ at least a worker and carry out infrastructure maintenance when due.

    • Understand the sensitivities of your worker and be ready to make the task easier by improving working conditions.

    • For flexibility and cost management; you can employ someone that works from 8am-12pm. The person will clean the pen and give them sufficient feed and water for the day during this period. This is a win-win situation as the worker has the rest of the day to seek other sources of income.

    • Pigs can be fed a wide variety of food and by-products. Examples are cassava peels, vegetables, corn chaff, food waste from eateries, fruits etc. Anything a human can eat a pig can eat, however you must feed them a balanced and hygienic ration daily

    • You will definitely need a scale for weigh the pigs. Grown Pigs are sold based on their weights(per kg).

    • You must be ready and capable of administering medication on your pigs at anytime. You can’t always wait for the arrival of the Vet!

    • Integrate yourself with a network of fellow pig farmers inorder to benefit from their experience, easy marketing and access to current information.

    • Your infrastructure will never waste as you can always convert your pens to a flat for rental incase you’re tired of piggery

    Get more Vital Tips when you

    Order the e-book: Effective Piggery Management in Nigeria or

    attend a 3-day Training program at our Facility.

    Cost of the e-book is 10,000 Naira only.

    Bank Name: GTBank
    Account Number: 0017129681

    After Payment send an email to or SMS to 08034209301  stating:

    • Your Name

    • email address



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15 thoughts on “Starting a Small Piggery In Nigeria

  1. oluwole samuel G on said:

    How much is full grown male pig cost

    • It depends on the purpose of sale;breeding or slaughter.
      If its for slaughter the weight of the animal determines the price.
      If its for breeding the age and breed determines the price.

      • oluwole samuel on said:

        How much is female pig at the point rearing

      • Piglets cost 3500 upwards depending on the source, breed and age.

      • oluwole samuel on said:

        Where do I get the pigs to buy gfor rearing and where do I learn how to treat them , if they are sick.

      • oluwole samuel on said:

        Where do I get the pigs to buy for rearing and where do I learn how to treat them , if they are sick.

      • Thats precisely what we do. We sell pigs of all ages and also can train you on how to handle their health issues.

  2. M.ozor on said:

    Hey guys bravo are u really sure dat pig/hogs re, really profitable?


  3. M.ozor on said:

    Can smone out der just do like a guy in naija by assisting fellow countrymen in cat fish 4 free .waiting 4 dat good spirited fellow. Truly we can make d world a better place!

  4. john on said:

    I need a piggery to rent either in lagos or at songo or at ifo or ota. Can you help me with that?

  5. olorunda j o on said:

    infact i enjoyed your writeup very educative and informative i am a beginner in pig farming although its interesting i will appreciate if u can send to me more about pig breeding ,sales is a problem i will like your conection as regard sales thanks

  6. John Sunny on said:

    I find your presentation on pig farming very informative. I intend setting up a small-scale piggery in Edo North. How can I reach you to optain some piglets for take off and what is the cost of each? Thanks.

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