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Piggery Management Tips

This is going to be a list I will always update:

  • The best time of the day to monitor your pigs is in the morning before cleaning and feeding. This is vital for two reason; you get to see the state of their stool(in case of diarrhoea) and which animal is disinterested in its meals. A healthy pig is always interested in the first meal of the day.

  • A sick pig is hardly interested in its food, lies down most of the time, rarely grunts, staggers, looks pale and depressed.

  • Scratching a pigs back calms it down.

  • Avoid inbreeding.

  • A little Garlic in their food works wonders.

  • You must be ready and capable of administering medication on your pigs at anytime. You can’t always wait for the arrival of the Vet!

  • Understand the sensitivities of your worker and be ready to make the task easier by improving working conditions.

  • For flexibility and cost management; you can employ someone that works from 8am-12pm. The person will clean the pen and give them sufficient feed and water for the day during this period. This is a win-win situation as the worker has the rest of the day to seek other sources of income.

  • Farming is a SERIOUS business; any delay is a DANGER

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