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Drugs you should have for treating Pigs

I cannot do without having all these drugs on my farm, they are essential in a piggery

When you order our e-book you will learn about  more vital drugs that will help you grow your piggery by:

  • Keeping your Boar healthy and active.
  • Keeping Sows reproductive.
  • Eliminate Lameness.
  • eliminate Internal and External Parasites that affect growth.
  • Keeping your Piglets healthy and alive by reducing or eliminating mortality.
  • improving appetite of sick pigs.
  • treating open wounds in Pigs- this is a common occurrence due to fights.
  • reduce and eliminate inflammation in Boars and Sows
  • assist reproduction and milk production.

Order the e-book: Effective Piggery Management in Nigeria or

attend a 3-day Training program at our Facility, where you will learn how to diagnose and treat Pig diseases.

Cost of the e-book is 10,000 Naira only.

Bank Name: GTBank
Account Number: 0017129681

After Payment send an email to or SMS to 08034209301  stating:

  • Your Name
  • email address



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3 thoughts on “Drugs you should have for treating Pigs

  1. mr.o on said:

    hi there,
    i have been building and stocking my piggery farm around the remo area,ogun state, for the past six months.
    first of all i , want to congratulate you for setting up such a blog for piggery.
    i have been going thru your blog and will have to use it as a hand book on my farm.
    i am also gathering my stock for now, meaning investing heavily in weaners and good stock, for only 2012.
    i will liase with your good self ,whenever help is needed cos am only a buss. man not a vet. but most importantly a passionate buss. man to the core.
    for now , that is all i want to say.
    thank you sir.,

  2. Odzie Julius on said:

    I need to attend your training.

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