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Advantage of Piggery over Fishery and Poultry In Nigeria

Though i run an integrated farm(poultry, fish and pig). I will share with you the advantages of Piggery over Poultry and Fishery:

  • Lower mortality rate- Pigs are not as fragile, they can still cope with some delays in feeding and water.

  • Cheaper cost of feeding- Pigs can be fed with a wide variety of products, like humans they are omnivores. Pig feed also costs lesser per kilo compared to Chicken and Fish feed.

  • Security- because most people have prejudiced opinions towards pigs they don’t even come close to them, hence the thought of theft doesn’t cross their mind. Some see pigs as a taboo.
    Also pigs are highly uncooperative animals to handle, they don’t necessarily move in herds .

  • Diseases- pigs are less susceptible to diseases unlike poultry. Pigs don’t require any special vaccines. All they need is occasional vitamin supplement, de-worming and anti-bacterial treatments.

  • More Profitable– In piggery, when selling a kilogram  is a kilogram whether the animal is Big or Small;whereas in fishery the fishes are sold at different weights per kilogram.

  • Easy on the pocket- if you’re very resourceful you can feed a pig with 50 Naira a day by collecting roughage(cassava peels, corn chaff)  in your neighbourhood. U can’t dare that with layers or fishes. Also you can easily source brewery waste and palm kernel cake cake for them

  • Facility conversion– Incase you get tired of farming you can easily convert the pens to offices or accommodation. The designs are relevant. i doubt you can easily achieve that in poultry and fishery.

To discover how to establish a Pig farm business and make millions from Piggery, you can request a full consultation or attend a 3-day Training program at our Facility.

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4 thoughts on “Advantage of Piggery over Fishery and Poultry In Nigeria

  1. adesola adebayo on said:

    thank u very much i rely enjoy your teachings… pls i need ur phone number so that we can communicate eachother… here is my number 08169662309 and my…. Thanks a lot.

  2. Veraline Atey on said:

    Mr. Femi, thank you for the information on the advantages of piggery over fishery and poultry!
    It makes it easy on the decisions an individual has to make.

  3. Vandu on said:

    How much does your three days training cost.

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