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You too can be a Pig farmer!

I probably started out just like you with no initial interest in agriculture, as a graduate of computer science and practicing as a software developer i thought it wise to diversify my financial resources and skills. Hence my investment in Piggery, i intend to share this rewarding experience here

So this is not a technical blog, am not an animal scientist nor vet doc so its just my rant based on personal experience. Also its not based on the typical rubbish dump pigs you’re probably used to, its based on Hybrid Pigs kept in modern pens for commercial purposes in Nigeria.

There are several ways to start out in piggery and i will be discussing different designs and financial plans as we progress. When setting out to establish a pig farm business the most important thing is for you to decide how much income you want from the pig farm business. This fact will determine your level of input and scale of operations.


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5 thoughts on “You too can be a Pig farmer!

  1. Nice write up , interesting and educating

  2. Very informative

  3. Orishola mayowa on said:

    Pls i wld like 2go into piggery! Like i much do i need 2 start as an unemployed person

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